Why did PBA suspend KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotions license? Everything you need to know

PBA, Professional Boxing Association, is a sanctioning authority which provides license and upholds boxers safety and fairness of the competition. Recently PBA and Misfits Boxing, launched by Youtuber KSI are making headlines.

Misfits Promotion has staged multiple celebrity fights mostly of KSI. Recently KSI fought Tommy Fury,and the fight got surrounded by controversies. The fight is now seen as one of the reasons for Misfits ongoing brawl with PBA. Clouds loom over the Misfits Boxing event on Jan 20.

Why did PBA suspend Misfits Boxing promotions license?

It is reported that the PBA has suspended KSI’s Misfits Boxing license. News reporter Michael Benson broke the news, stating that Misfits Boxing’s promoter license has been suspended. According to the reports, the reason behind the suspension is the alleged violation of PBA’s rules, with Misfits Boxing accused of bringing boxing into disrepute

Benson said, “The PBA have announced that Misfits Boxing’s promoter licences have been suspended due to ‘clear violations of the PBA’s rules, bringing boxing into disrepute and in the interest of boxer safety.”

Misfits Boxing spokesperson claimed that they handed back their license contrary to the claims of their license being suspended. With both sides stating different reasons, one thing is clear that Misfits doesn’t have a license from a 3rd party neutral governing body, which means they could not host any fight as of now but their first event of the year is scheduled on Jan 20.

What is next for Misfits Boxing?

With the ongoing hustle with PBA, Misfits’ future is uncertain. There is an event scheduled for January 20 with multiple fights under the card, but with the suspended license, clouds loom over the future of the event. Misfits’ Mams Taylor said that they will partner with another governing body soon.

If Misfits can regain their license from PBA, then they can organize the event. KSI responded to the trailer of the event posted by Misfits, expressing his excitement to come to Leeds. KSI said, ‘I can’t wait to come to Leeds again.’

Multiple fights are scheduled in the event, Ed Mathews is expected to feature in the main event, but his opponent is not revealed to the public yet. With KSI promoting the event. Misfits not having the license it will be interesting to see how it all turns out on Jan 20.


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