Texans QB CJ Stroud discusses dad’s influence on career before NFL wild playoff games vs Browns

CJ Stroud, who has impressed the NFL world this season, is now preparing for the wild playoff games and before that, he talked about how his father’s influence has helped him maintain a positive demeanor in the toxic sports world.

The Texans QB’s father is serving a 38-year prison sentence and hasn’t seen him play since his college days. But the QB always talks highly about his father and even slams the justice system in his defense.

CJ Stroud talks on his dad’s influence

CJ Stroud once shared a famous quote in which he expressed no shame in his performance, acknowledging the need to be smarter but emphasizing that his confidence remains intact.

“I don’t have no shame in my game. I’ve definitely got to be smarter, but no confidence is taken away from me and I’m going to keep letting it fly.”

When asked about the motivation for the statement recently in an interview, QB CJ Stroud said that it came from his father.

The QB credited his father for instilling this mindset, mentioning that his dad often referenced basketball players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry.

“Honestly that’s from my dad. In basketball he would always reference like certain players to me and Kobe was a big one Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, and he would always point out you miss one hundred percent of the shots of the takes you don’t take.”

The QB shared that he recognizes the critical nature of his position and accepts that when things don’t go well, criticism follows. This is part of the life he lives and the sport he plays.

“So, I think I said that after we played the Cardinals and I threw three interceptions and I think like for me that’s what makes me special. Is like the times where it’s iffy, and most of the time they don’t end in interceptions, they end in completions and big plays and everybody is loving that. But when they don’t everybody’s going to be really critical of you. And that’s the life I live and the sport I play and the position I play.”

CJ Stroud
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CJ Stroud asserted that he will never lose confidence in himself, reiterating his commitment to keep taking shots and playing with confidence.

“So I accept the Good with the Bad and I know what I can do and I know what I am going to do. And I’m confident in myself and my teammates. But I’m never gonna not be confident in myself you know. And I’m going to keep shooting.,” CJ Stroud added.

This approach of the QB highlights how CJ Stroud’s father, through basketball references, instilled in him the resilience to keep pushing forward, take risks, and maintain confidence even in the face of challenges and criticism in the football world.

Texans vs Browns match preview

The upcoming match between the Cleveland Browns (11-6) and the Houston Texans (10-7) marks their second encounter this season, initiating the NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend.

In their previous meeting on Christmas Eve, the Browns secured a 36-22 victory. Notably, wide receiver Amari Cooper excelled with 265 receiving yards and two touchdowns, while quarterback Joe Flacco threw for 368 yards and three touchdowns.

CJ Stroud
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C.J. Stroud, the Texans’ starting quarterback, missed the Christmas Eve game due to a concussion. Now considered the league’s top offensive rookie, the QB aims to present a more formidable challenge for the Browns.

Stroud faces the challenge of going against the Browns’ top-ranked defense, known for allowing just 270 yards per game. The upcoming game holds win-or-go-home implications for both teams, with the Texans expressing determination to advance further in the playoffs.

The game will kick off on Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 4:30 p.m. ET.

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