Former Texans DE JJ Watt gets disciplined by Twitter after ranting over multi-million-dollar asset

JJ Watt, a renowned former NFL star turned minority owner of Burnley FC, found himself embroiled in controversy when a disputed call led to a game-tying goal during injury time in a match against Luton Town.

Expressing his dissatisfaction on social media, Watt’s X account faced backlash after he posted a video review and a close-up photo related to the contentious play.

JJ Watt gets locked by Twitter

JJ Watt, known for his bold comments had his X account locked after expressing frustration about a missed foul call during Burnley’s match with Luton Town.

Watt posted a video review of a play where a Luton Town player collided with the Burnley goalie, leading to a game-tying goal in the 93rd minute. 

He further shared a close-up photo related to the incident, later removed due to “copyright” issues. Watt, new to ownership, mentioned a potential fine by the Premier League and criticized the decision, calling it a “blatant and obvious” foul. 

“I’m new to this ownership thing, so if I get fined by the Premier League, so be it…” Watt wrote above the photo. “This is as blatant and obvious of a foul as you could have. To miss this on the field AND miss this on VAR is truly disgraceful.”

This post led to his X account getting banned. Watt was once called the NFL world’s best trash talker but this time his points were valid, but his account got suspended.

Within 30 minutes of the post, Watt humorously acknowledged his account being locked with a crying laughing emoji.

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany seemed confused, expressing his hope that the referee would have noticed the foul and relying on VAR.

“Fair play to the striker, he tries his luck, he blocks the goalkeeper. He looks across to the referee and you think surely not. VAR will sort this out. Luton players are not celebrating. I thought [Luton] were incredible today, but the moment there the referee has got to get it right.”

Kompany highlighted the impact on the game, calling the situation ridiculous and hoping for balance in future decisions.

“This can’t decide a game. Something done by a bit of magic but not this. Not this.”

Luton manager Rob Edwards acknowledged Burnley’s frustration, recognizing the significance of the disputed moment.

“That is a big moment in the game and we deserved that. I do feel for Vinny [Kompany] and if it is a foul I will be honest.”

Burnley’s Vincent Kompany and Luton’s Rob Edwards added insights emphasize the game’s impact and the need for fair officiating in future decisions.

JJ Watt net worth

JJ Watt has accumulated a substantial net worth of $51 million. He has accumulated this sum through his successful career in the NFL and various endorsement deals. He enjoyed a lengthy 12-year career in the NFL, having been selected as the No. 11 overall pick in the 2011 draft.

He was acclaimed as a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, showcasing his dominance on the field. Watt achieved a remarkable NFL record by tallying two seasons with 20-plus sacks, highlighting his exceptional skill and impact as a defensive player.

JJ Watt
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JJ Watt retired from professional football after the 2022 season, concluding his journey with the Arizona Cardinals.

After retirement, JJ Watt teamed up with his wife and invested in Burnley, a newly promoted Premier League and English football club. Watt’s multifaceted career exemplifies not only athletic prowess but also strategic ventures.

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