Ex-Cardinals TE JJ Watt hilariously mocks NFL for drug-testing message after retirement

JJ Watt has recently posted a tweet mocking the NFL’s bizarre drug-testing message. Following his final game at Levi’s Stadium on Jan. 8, where he retired from the NFL, JJ Watt has fully embraced retirement. 

He is no longer preoccupied with preparing for upcoming games or training camps for the next NFL season. He is using his spare time to make jokes about Tom Brady’s second retirement and mocking the NFL for repeatedly requesting him to undergo drug testing.

 Watt took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a text message he received from the NFL office, requesting the 33-year-old to undergo a drug test.

The text read, “This is Dillon on behalf of the NFL. You have been selected for a high dry blood spot test, please give me a call or shoot me a text when you can. Thank you.”

Watt found it weird and tweeted the screenshot with the caption, “I don’t know what happens when you click Report Junk but I think I’m about to find out.”

The JJ Watt drug test is not the only example of the NFL’s bizarre drug testing system. The NFL drug testing system is quite notorious. A lot of players have complained about it. They shared that they are randomly summoned to take a drug test even after playing such good games. But sending this text to a retired player was shocking for the fans as well. 

It’s possible that Watt is still considered an active player because he hasn’t completed the official NFL retirement paperwork. In fact, when news broke that Tom Brady had filed his retirement papers, Watt expressed surprise on Twitter, indicating that he was unaware such a process even existed.

We can expect that Watt might again join his team as Tom Brady’s first retirement also lasted only for 40 days. The JJ Watt drug test incident also shows that the NFL doesn’t want to leave this incredible player. 

In the 2022 season, he remained a productive player for the Arizona Cardinals, tallying 12.5 sacks and seven passes defended across 16 games.

Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf recently revealed that he was selected for performance-enhancing substance testing by the league. This came shortly after Metcalf won the MVP award at the 2023 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, where he made a memorable dunk.

The NFL really needs to improve this drug testing system and stop irritating the players like this, especially the retired ones.

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