Taylor Swift shows off her “Mamba mentality” with empowering Kobe Bryant quote

Beyond the usual studio grind and tabloid excitement, Taylor Swift recently stole the spotlight. Not just with her eagerly awaited musical venture, but also with a powerful fashion statement that sent waves through both fan circles and the fashion world.

Stepping into the recording studio with the “Lavender Haze” theme, the singer and songwriter adorned herself with a necklace bearing a meaningful quote.

Taylor Swift sports necklace with Kobe Bryant quote

Amidst the musical pursuit of the American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift showcased not only her talent but also a heartfelt connection to the late legendary Kobe Bryant during a recent visit to the recording studio.

The 34-year-old singer, also known for her keen fashion sense, opted for a zebra-print Adidas fleece paired with leggings and Ivy Park sneakers. However, it was the accessory that she chose to wear that stole the spotlight.

Swift wore a gold necklace featuring a circular pendant adorned with diamonds, engraved with the motivational words “Bet on yourself” and Kobe’s name engraved underneath.

Unknown to many, the interesting thing about the necklace is that this piece was part of Vanessa Bryant’s 2022 capsule jewelry collection, Mambacita x ZC, designed in collaboration with Zoë Chicco Fine Jewelry.

The limited capsule collection was offered to the public for only a month. It was pledged that 100% of the proceeds would benefit the Mamba and Mambacita Foundations. A charitable organization, lead by Vanessa Bryant, is dedicated to creating positive impacts for underserved athletes and young boys and girls in the sports world.

Kobe Bryant once heaped praise on Taylor Swift

In the amazing connection between celebrity constellations, a surprising bond opened up between the late Kobe Bryant, the iconic NBA legend, and Taylor Swift, the global music sensation.

Behind the scenes of their separate intense worlds, Kobe found himself filled with amazement by Swift’s ability to maintain a strong grip on musical success. On The Jordan Harbinger Show in 2019, Bryant expressed his admiration and praise for the pop star.

Bryant explained Swift’s ability to navigate the complex landscape of the music industry, emphasizing the immense pressure she faced to outdo herself with each successive album.

Kobe says that, “It is important to listen to people who do great things. It is not just genre-specific. Taylor has been at the top of the game for a very, very long time. How and why? How did she write? How did she get into that mental space to be able to create things over and over and over. “It’s a lot of pressure for her to follow up a No. 1 album with a better album, then follow up with a better album.”

The Mamba also dived into the importance of learning from those who excel in their craft by claiming, “I don’t care if you like her music or if you don’t like her music. Look at what she’s doing! It’s frightening. It’s unbelievable to be able to pull that off over and over and over. I look at things like that and try to learn from it as much as I can”.

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