NFL Draft 2024: why is Caleb Williams yet to enter the process with deadline around the corner?

As the Chicago Bears secure the number one pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, the anticipation for their strategic choice heightens. While numerous top prospects have eagerly declared their eligibility, a notable exception is star quarterback Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams is projected to be a top-10 pick but the delay of a decision from Williams has sparked a flurry of rumors within the NFL community, adding an element of intrigue to the pre-draft narrative.

Why is Caleb Williams yet to enter NFL Draft 2024?

Caleb Williams, who has been compared with Patrick Mahomes, has three days remaining before the January 15 deadline for college prospects to declare for the NFL Draft under “special eligibility.” The delay has drawn attention and speculation, given Williams’ status as a top draft-eligible quarterback.

Previous instances, like Ohio State’s CJ Stroud delaying his declaration, indicate that such delays often become stories and the same has happened with Williams. Strong rumors are circulating that the QB hasn’t made any decision yet because he wants assurance of the Bears trading the first overall pick before declaring. 

A New York Giants insider spoof account, Wesley Steinberg, shared this update without any evidence of it being true. 

“USC QB Caleb Williams wants assurances the Bears will be trading the first overall pick before declaring for the draft. Williams and his camp have no interest in playing in Chicago”

Despite potential inaccuracies, Caleb Williams has faced criticism for not speaking to the media after a loss and allegedly seeking partial ownership from the team that drafts him, contributing to a negative perception.

Speculation suggests that Williams may be hesitant to play for the Chicago Bears, considering historical challenges for quarterbacks in Chicago and recent coaching changes.

If you have read Kalyn Kahler’s thread on Williams you must have an idea of how he also highlighted potential red flags, including the reported team equity request and the perception that the quarterback may disrupt the draft process.

He added that Carl, the QB’s father, sought team equity as assurance for his son’s being the No. 1 overall pick, raising concerns about potential disruptions to the draft process.

Williams has not hired an agent despite expectations that he will declare, which leaves open the possibility of him forcing his way out of Chicago if the Bears draft him.

What happens if Caleb Williams misses deadline to enter the draft?

Despite the speculation that Caleb Williams’ father talked about the possibility of Williams going back to school if the NFL situation doesn’t feel right, the likelihood is low due to the significant financial potential in professional football.

While the QB could earn substantial money through NIL deals, the allure of an estimated $50-$60 million annually in the NFL is a significant factor in his decision-making.

Caleb Williams has until January 15 to declare for the NFL Draft officially. If he decides not to declare by January 15, theoretically, he could enter the supplemental draft. This involves an auction system where teams submit bids on a player, with the team highest in the lottery order awarded to the player.

Caleb Williams
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The Bears’ success in winning too many games places them outside the first group of teams theoretically bidding on Williams in the supplemental draft, making it unlikely for them to acquire him. This option will help him get rid of the Bears if the rumors are true.

Caleb Williams would need to make a significant concession to enter the supplemental draft. This includes hiring an agent to remove his amateur status, which contradicts his reported intention of not hiring an agent.

Ultimately, the exact reason for the delay in Caleb Williams’ decision is still uncertain, with the possibility that he has quietly submitted paperwork to the NFL.

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