What’s next for KSI after PBA rejects appeal over Tommy Fury fight?

On October 14, 2023, KSI fought against Tommy Fury in a 6-round boxing match in which Fury won via majority decision. KSI was so upset with the outcome of the contest that he filed an appeal with the Professional Boxing Association.

On Friday the final verdict from PBA came and KSI’s fans were not happy about the decision and even called that KSI got robbed. KSI’s ex-rival and his current business partner Logan Paul, who had a match with Dillon Danis on the same day also said that his business partner won.

KSI receives PBA rejection over Tommy Fury fight

During the post-fight interview, KSI lashed out at Fury and insisted that the result was a “robbery.” KSI even told Fury post-match that the boxing community would never allow him to win, pointing out Fury’s elder brother as a world heavyweight boxing champion, while Fury is a professional boxer but not at the same level.

Many agreed with KSI, including English sports promoter Eddie Hearn, who was in attendance. Even Tyson Fury, the elder brother of Tommy and the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, appeared nervous when the judges were about to announce the winner, showing uncertainty.

On 15 October, the results were corrected from a majority decision to a unanimous decision victory for Fury due to judge Rafael Ramos, who had previously scored the match 57–57 on the scorecard, which was mathematically incorrect.

However, The PBA (the sanctioning body) confirmed on Friday that their review hearing found ‘no grounds’ to overturn the close, contentious result of Misfits Boxing’s Prime Card on October 14.

KSI’s manager announces next step

Mams Taylor, KSI’s manager and Misfits Boxing co-president, confirmed on Twitter on October 20 that KSI instructed a King’s Counsel, who informed the PBA on October 19 that an appeal would be filed. Later that day, the PBA confirmed that KSI had formally filed an appeal against the unanimous decision loss.

The PBA announced on November 19 that the appeal would begin at 10:30 a.m. BST on November 20. After PBA announced their decision on X neither KSI nor Fury Tommy publicly reacted to the news of the result being upheld. However, KSI’s manager has reacted to the decision of PBA.

When asked if the PBA’s tweet was deceptive, Taylor responded, “Well, their tweet is not painting the entire picture at all.” Even after all the comments coming from KSI’s side, Fury’s side is quiet, and no response has been seen or heard from anyone.

Tommy Fury’s brother and father are also remaining silent. Surprisingly, this may not be the end of the drama, as it seems that KSI’s team does not accept the decision of the PBA.


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