Jalen Hurts’ clutch performances spark Tom Brady comparisons amid NFL analyst’s audacious Dak Prescott prediction

At the season’s outset, Patrick Mahomes was widely regarded as the leading candidate for the regular-season NFL MVP. He was widely anticipated to win the title, just like in 2022. However, as the season unfolded, a dynamic shift occurred, introducing strong contenders like Jalen Hurts and Dak Prescott.

Their impressive performances added excitement and curiosity to the MVP race, resulting in an intriguing showdown among these talented quarterbacks.The NFL is now immersed in debates over who will ultimately claim the MVP title this season, with Hurts even getting compared to Tom Brady. 

Dak Prescott surges ahead in NFL MVP race

Nick Wright, on FS1’s “First Things First,” declared Dak Prescott as the current favorite for the NFL MVP due to leading the No. 1 scoring offense.

Dak Prescott
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Wright emphasized Dak Prescott’s outstanding numbers despite having less offensive talent than the Eagles and 49ers, positioning him as a standout MVP candidate.

Wright boldly stated, “Right now, Dak Prescott is the league MVP. And it’s not close,” underlining his confidence in Prescott’s performance.

With an impressive 8-3 record, the Cowboys are determined to showcase their skills in the playoffs, where they will face formidable opponents such as the Eagles and 49ers. While Prescott’s regular-season performance has been impressive, there are concerns about his history of underwhelming playoff showings, which could potentially affect his legacy.

Following a thrilling 41-35 victory over the Seahawks, Prescott currently holds the top spot in the NFL for both QBR and passing touchdowns. Additionally, he boasts impressive rankings in completion percentage and passer rating. Although the Eagles currently hold the best record, Prescott is considered the second frontrunner for MVP, with Jalen Hurts leading the pack.

Dak Prescott’s impressive statistical achievements highlight the Cowboys’ strong passing game, which has them in contention to challenge the Eagles for the NFC East lead. Dak Prescott needs to continue his impressive performance against challenging opponents, beginning with a critical game against the Eagles.

Jalen Hurts draws Tom Brady comparisons

Jalen Hurts demonstrated his clutch ability by leading his eighth career game-winning drive in overtime against the Bills. Securing the win with a 12-yard rushing touchdown, he helped the Eagles earn their 10th victory of the season (37-34).

In this game, Hurts made a significant impact with five touchdowns (three passing, two rushing) and a total of 265 all-purpose yards. Despite a somewhat slow start, he managed to complete 18 out of 31 passes for 200 yards. Additionally, he demonstrated his versatility by gaining 65 rushing yards and scoring two rushing touchdowns.

Brandon Graham, a 14-year NFL veteran and teammate of Hurts, compared Hurts’ game-winning drives to those of Tom Brady, highlighting their importance to the team.

“They always talk about Tom Brady with the drives at the end,” Graham said during his post-game presser. “I’m hoping Jalen starts getting that name and I’m just happy that he went out there and finished the game, had a game-winning drive. Keep them coming, because we’re going to need all of that.”

Dak Prescott
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Graham expressed hope that Hurts would gain a similar reputation for clutch performances.

“I feel like the defense always tries to put them in the best position that we can and we love putting it in his hands at the end to give us a chance. That’s one of the many that he’s going to have and so I am very thankful to be a part of that,” Graham added.

Despite having only eight game-winning drives compared to Tom Brady’s 58, players have faith in Hurts’ ability to deliver crucial plays. The defense strives to position the team for success, trusting Hurts to lead game-winning drives.

Hurts’ MVP candidacy is supported by impressive statistics and the ability to orchestrate game-winning drives, showcasing his value to the team.

Stay tuned to witness the season’s unfolding drama and discover who will seize the coveted title. Drop your choice between Hurts and Prescott in the comments section!

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