Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes tops ESPN’s rankings of best QB on NFL over Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts

Heading out from a bombastic season, the Chief’s reigning quarterback is the clear headliner these days following his leadership to lead his team to clinch two Super Bowls within four years.

Whether you are Chiefs and Mahomes fans or not, you can not deny the legacy of the young star for Kansas City. Due to his supreme quarterback prowess, the quarterback has already spotted a strong position in the league throwing back many super stars of the league. A recent report by ESPN on the league’s best quarterback has added extra fuel to his power system.

Patrick Mahomes claims first sport in ESPN’s rankings of best QB on the NFL

Mahomes restored the Chiefs team’s image just as it was ready to drown. Since being drafted by the squad, the Falcon has seized the position of team captain and provided them with their second Super Bowl in 50 years. He kept it up and won it once more in the previous campaign.

Many NFL experts and players released their lists of the top players after the 2022 season came to a close. It is hardly unexpected to see the Chiefs’ quarterback on the list after a successful season.

The ESPNs’ famous writer Bill Barnwell recently revealed his Top-5 QBs on NFL Live. Patrick was the unanimous hero in his list accomplishing the first position before the league’s other dominating quarterback. 

Josh Allen of the Bills was listed in second place, followed by Joe Burrow of the Bengals, Jalen Hurts of the Eagles, and Trevor Lawrence of the Bills.

One name immediately stands out to the Chiefs fan after seeing the list: Ja’Marr Chase. The wide receiver who refused to acknowledge Pat as the league’s dominant quarterback also takes a direct knock from the ranking.

Patrick Mahomes likes his role being the villain in NFL games

While Kansas City took Mahomes as the hero, the quarterback snatched the sweet dream of many leading NFL teams. The name has come as a nightmare for them and the Chiefs’ quarterback enjoyed it a great deal.

As the 27-year-old encountered questions on CBS News, whether he likes being the hero in Kansas City or the villain in road games, he picked the villain role.

“I like to be the villain,” he said. “Obviously it’s cool at Arrowhead to be the hero and win the games and host the AFC Championship trophy. But it’s just as fun, no offense to any of my division opponents, to go to their places and win those games. Both are great, but I like to be the villain sometimes.”


The quarterback has arisen as a tour de Force for his opposition by accomplishing a win-loss record of 64-16 on the NFL field.  It makes for an impressive 80% success rate proving his validity and legacy of spotting in first place among the league’s QB.

As far as it goes, the upcoming season is surely going to be another hitting season for the five-time Pro Bowler. Only the other day he took responsibility for the team and already proved their trust in him. Perhaps one day or another the NFL fans will also witness the acceptance from Chase claiming the Chiefs quarterback as the league’s best quarterback. 



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