Jalen Hurts earns high praise from Peyton Manning while finding himself among top 100 rising stars according to TIME

Jalen Hurts, the young quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, has received significant recognition and praise. He boasts an impressive record of 24 wins and 11 losses as a starter, made it to the Pro Bowl last season, and nearly led the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory.

The quarterback also signed many endorsement deals with big brands and was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. That’s not all, the 25-year-old recently got featured in another coveted magazine earning high praise from Peyton Manning. 

Jalen Hurts receives high praise from Peyton Manning

Jalen Hurts was a runner-up for the NFL MVP last season. For this season the Eagles have signed him in a massive deal worth a $255 million, making him one of the highest-paid players.

Recently, Peyton Manning, a former NFL quarterback also shared words of appreciation for Hurts. He shared his experience of his first time meeting the quarterback. Manning met the quarterback when he was a counselor at the Manning Passing Academy during his college days.

“I first met Jalen Hurts—who led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl earlier this year—when he was in college and a counselor at the Manning Passing Academy, a summer football camp for high school players. I’ve admired him ever since.”

Jalen Hurts

He emphasized that he has a lot of respect for Hurts’ willingness to learn. 

“I strongly respect his willingness to learn. He’s always thinking about getting better. For example, he will sometimes text me questions about plays that his team can run in the red zone. Though I sometimes have to remind him I haven’t played in seven years (I have to dig into some old archives to remember plays), I’ve so enjoyed these conversations.”

Manning also appreciated the leadership skills of the quarterback stating that he cares for his organization, therefore he takes his contract more as a responsibility. 

“Jalen is a natural leader who cares about his job and the organization that he plays for. The Eagles signed Jalen to a record-­breaking contract extension this offseason, and he feels that accountability and responsibility to make them glad they made that investment.”

In the end, Manning mentioned that Hurts has a lot of responsibility now to prove himself worthy of this massive contract. 

“He’s not celebrating. He doesn’t see it as a reward. He sees it for what it is: the Eagles are paying him for what they expect him to do now. He’s a model of how to approach a job. This is where the hard work begins.”

Peyton Manning was nothing but high praises for the quarterback. It is clear that like other NFL players, Manning also respects the quarterback a lot and appreciates his skills.

Hurts features in TIME magazine’s top 100 rising stars

On Tuesday, Jalen Hurts was named one of Time magazine’s Time100 Next, which recognizes emerging leaders shaping the future.

This list consists of rising leaders in different areas including business, sports, climate, arts, and more. Hurts also made it to that list which is a great honor for him.

Jalen Hurts

There are many reasons why Hurts got this honorable mention. He has an all-female management team for his business and communications affairs, highlighting his support for women’s empowerment. 

He also became the highest-paid NFL player with his $255 million contract extension after guiding the Eagles to the Super Bowl in his second year as a starter. In short, Jalen Hurts is perceived as a young and trailblazing star because of his exceptional talents, NFL achievements, and endorsements.

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