Eagles’ Jalen Hurts tops Stephen A. Smith’s ranking of best five NFC QB list, beating out Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott

In a surprising turn of events, Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles has claimed the number one spot on Stephen A. Smith’s list of the best five NFC quarterbacks. This ranking places him ahead of established quarterbacks like Dak Prescott and talents like Brock Purdy.

Smith believes that the quarterback has elevated himself significantly above his contemporaries, particularly Dak Prescott, who entered the league four years before him. This endorsement from Smith, a renowned sports commentator, carries weight and raises expectations for the young quarterback.

Jalen Hurt in top position of Stephen A. Smith’s top 5 NFC QB ranking list

Jalen Hurts

Stephen A. SMITH recently talked about the top 5 NFC QB. And he ranked Jalen Hurts first.

“Jalen Hurts, who came into the league about four years after Dak Prescott, has elevated himself significantly above Dak Prescott and practically above anyone else,” he explained.

While Hurts takes the top spot, Smith acknowledges the impressive skills of Brock Purdy, who he places second on his list. Purdy’s ranking above established quarterbacks like Derek Carr raises eyebrows, but Smith defends his decision. 

According to Smith, Purdy’s affiliation with coach Kyle Shanahan and the presence of weapons like Deebo Samuel and George Kittle in the San Francisco 49ers’ offense contribute to his elevated status. Purdy’s impact after taking over the starting role mid-season and guiding the team to the NFC Championship Game cannot be ignored, making him a strong contender for the second-best quarterback in the NFC.

“Because he’s coached by Kyle Shanahan, that’s why,” Smith explained in his show First Take.

“Because he’s got Deebo Samuel and George Kittle as a weapon. That’s why. Because this man got the job mid-season, showed up, and showed out (and) guided them to an NFC Championship Game …”

“Prior to that, they had this brother right here, and what did they do? They went to the NFC Championship Game. And oh, by the way, they were balling in the process of doing so … Brock Purdy deserves consideration as a top-two quarterback.”


He then ranked Jared Goff third, Dak Prescott fourth, and Geno Smith fifth behind Purdy.

Jalen Hurts ready for Super Bowl LVIII after an outstanding season

Although Hurts’ performance in the Super Bowl was commendable, throwing for 304 yards and one touchdown while adding 70 yards rushing and three scores, a costly fumble returned for a touchdown contributed to a heartbreaking loss. However, the Philadelphia Eagles recognized his potential and commitment, rewarding him with a record-setting contract extension worth $255 million over five years.

Jalen Hurts

Hurts’ dedication to his craft extends beyond the football field. In the offseason, he pursued a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and even ventured into the world of acting with a debut in a short film. Additionally, he secured an endorsement deal with A Shoc beverages, demonstrating his growing influence off the field as well.

As the NFL 2023 season begins, a lot of focus will be on Hurts. He is expected to lead the Eagles to new heights. With the endorsement of Stephen A. Smith and his determination, he is capable of leading his team to great success.

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