Jamie Carragher who once spat at teenage girl, slams Andre Onana for “distasteful” behaviour towards Harry Maguire

After David De Gea cut ties with Manchester United this year the club brought in Andre Onana from UEFA Champions League runner-ups Inter Milan for a five-year deal worth £47.2m. The player’s behavior in a recent match has raised some eyebrows, including retired football player Jamie Carragher.

Onana has shown unprofessional behaviours on the pitch that have not gone unnoticed. The player is fairly new to the club, and he has already shown his displeasure with former captain Harry Maguire.

Jamie Carragher blasts Onana for “distasteful” act

Manchester United faced Bundesliga runner-up Borussia Dortmund on 31 July 2023 in a club-friendly match. Andre Onana made his debut for the Premier League club coming in as a substitute in the 46th minute. During the game, center-back Harry Maguire made an error that almost caused the Red Devils to concede a goal. Onana instantly showed his displeasure towards the former captain. The keeper ran towards him and started yelling at him.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has given his views about the incident and he described Onana’s actions as “Distasteful.”

Jamie Carragher

“One of the most distasteful incidents of all occurred during the friendly with Borussia Dortmund in July, when new signing Andre Onana started yelling at Maguire, in my view disgracefully playing to the gallery to endear himself to United fans,” he said. He also added that Maguire should have demanded respect: “He should have reacted furiously, put Onana in his box, and demanded respect. Instead, he has the persona of someone whose confidence and authority are utterly broken.”

Ex-Liverpool defender received suspension following spitting row

After his retirement, Jamie Carragher became a football pundit for Sky Sports. The ex-Liverpool defender was once suspended by his current employers for spitting on a 14-year-old girl after he had an argument with her dad.

A video of Jamie went viral where he was arguing with a fan who was teasing him about Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat. Jamie could not keep control of his anger and spit on the man’s car which accidentally landed on his 14-year-old daughter.


After this incident came into the public eye, Jamie Carragher was suspended from Sky Sports for a week. He did apologize for his actions and told the media that he did not see the girl :“I’ll speak to the family again. I’m sorry. I’ll apologize again today properly,” he said. “I didn’t (see her) to be honest, she was leaned back. I wish she wasn’t involved. I hate that she was involved more than anything.”

Jamie even called it the worst mistake of his career  “I would find it hard to know what I would say or how I would react if it happened to my daughter. I’ve made mistakes in my 25-year career, but this is the worst one.”

It is true that Onana’s actions were uncalled for and the player should have shown some respect towards his senior. There is still no word from Harry Maguire, but Andre Onana owes an apology to the English defender.




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