How many kids Jason Kelce has for whom the ex-NFL star shelled out $50,000 on Super Bowl tickets?

After being the focal point of retirement conversion last year, Jason Kelce finally decided to return to the NFL with his team Philadelphia Eagles. The 35-year-old is in his 13th NFL season with notable achievements like a Super Bowl win and six Pro Bowl appearances. Last year, Jason was also part of a documentary known as “KELCE” which was released on Tuesday.

This Amazon Prime Video documentary takes viewers into the life of the football center revealing his 2022 NFL journey. The documentary also revealed some stuff from his personal life, such as the huge amount of money he spent to take his kids to the Super Bowl game.

Jason Kelce family: kids, wife

Jason Kelce is married to Kylie McDevitt Kelce. Kylie hails from Narberth, Pennsylvania and she attended Cabrini University for field hockey. The couple met through a dating app, Kylie shared that he hadn’t mentioned his NFL career in his profile. 

So, they decided to meet for the first time in a bar. She thought he might be some scam pretending to be the NFL player, Jason Kelce.

Jason Kelce

“It’s either gonna be him or it’s gonna be someone pretending to be him. Hilarious either way,” Kylie shared their first date story on the New Heights podcast. 

She was shocked to find real Jason Kelce in the bar. After that, their relationship continued and they got married at Logan Hotel in Philadelphia in April 2018, surrounded by friends and family. They followed up their wedding with a honeymoon in France.

Jason and Kylie have three daughters, Wyatt Elizabeth and Elliotte Ray, both under the age of 4. Their third daughter Bennett Llewellyn was born two weeks after the Super Bowl.

Ex-Eagles star paid $50k for Super Bowl tickets last year

Jason Kelce played against his younger brother, Travis Kelce, in Super Bowl LVII. His wife Kylie was 38 weeks pregnant with their third child during the game and had her OB-GYN with her in the stands. The football center also took their parents with them so in case of any emergency, they could be there with his other two little girls.

Now, that the ‘Kelce’ documentary is finally out, it revealed more details about that legendary game night. In one scene Jason Kelce and Kylie can be seen discussing the costs of the Super Bowl tickets. Kylie, pregnant at that time was shocked to find out the cost of tickets for their toddler daughters. 

“Alright, I’m doing the maximum amount of tickets that you can purchase, because that’s the amount we were counting for. This is why I don’t go on the calculator on my phone,” Kylie said. 

Jason Kelce

To which the Eagles’ star admitted, “It’s a lot of money.” Kylie acknowledged that spending this big amount of money for kids who aren’t even gonna focus on the game is absurd. 

“We’re paying almost $4,000 for a f—ing kid who is not going to sit in a seat to watch her dad play in a game. That’s bananas.”

Jason then asked Wyatt, their daughter whether she wanted to attend the game or not. Their daughter said no but then pointed towards her toy saying, “My baby wants to go to the Super Bowl, too,” making her parents laugh.

The couple then decided to attend the game with their daughters and spent $50K on the Super Bowl tickets because Jason wanted her daughters to watch him play.

In the coveted game, Jason played against his own brother Travis Kelce, and the Chiefs. However, Jason and the Eagles lost to the Chiefs. Although the Eagles’ star didn’t win the game, he was happy for his brother, and it became a core memory for him to have all his family members together in the stadium cheering for him.

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