Jason Kelce apologizes for his “cheap shot” sparking sideline-clearing Eagles-Colts brawl, ending their joint practice

A brawl erupted between the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts at a joint practice on Tuesday. Things got so heated up that the teams had to end the session short. Jason Kelce who was the center of this brawl later realized his fault and shared a public apology.

Conflicts between the teams during the games or practice sessions are common. But this time things got out of control as Kelce shared that he lost control and ended up doing something that he called a ‘cheap shot.’

Chiefs’ Jason Kelce issues an apology to start brawl with Colts

Jason Kelce accepted his mistake and issued an apology for starting a fight with the opponents during a practice game with the Colts. The offensive lineman started a brawl by flattening Colts’ linebacker Zaire Franklin during the game. 

Jason Kelce

The 35-year-old later apologized for it stating that he lost control. He said that everyone on the team tries their best to act civilly in the field but this time somehow, he lost control. 

“We try and keep things civil on the field, and I pride myself on being a guy that sustains the emotions and level of play out there, and I let my emotions get the better of me”.

Kelce shared that he is ashamed for letting his emotions take control of him and doing what he shouldn’t have done.

“That certainly doesn’t belong out there on the field, and a little ashamed that it got to that level.”

He also shared that he hasn’t spoken to Franklin yet. He’ll wait for the right time.  “Tensions are a little bit too high for that right now.”

Zaire Franklin also talked about this incident sharing that things like that often happen so that’s not a big deal. 

“When you have joint practices against other organizations, sometimes your speed ain’t their speed. People get offended — that’s life.”

Franklin shared that he respects Jason Kelce. He believes things will get better between them till the next game.

“Growing up in Philly, watching [Kelce] for a long time — lot of respect for him. Talked to him a little bit after we played them last year. I thought the OGs would at least look me in the eye before [hitting me], but it’s all good. I might get a chance to look him in the eye Thursday, so we’re going to be OK.”

Jason Kelce

The way both players have maturely handled the situation is commendable. Although during the game Jason Kelce got carried away with emotions, his quick decision to apologize shows his humble and great personality. We hope things will get better between both players soon.

What happened at joint practice with Eagles and Colts?

During the joint practice between the Eagles and the Colts, Jason Kelce ended up blindsiding Zaire Franklin which resulted in the end of the practice session. 

Jason Kelce got furious because of the Colts linebacker hitting the Eagles running back Kenneth Gainwell. He witnessed the level of physicality the linebacker had with his team’s RB; therefore, he did the same with Franklin. 

Aside from Kelce and Franklin’s brawl, other players in the teams also got into problems with each other. Eagles’ defensive lineman Derek Barnett hit the Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson with a football. 

Because of these issues, the joint practice was ended. The quarterback of the team Jalen Hurts wasn’t happy about it.

“It’s a competitive game, and I love the competition of it. This is what I get paid to do —F to play football, so I wanted to practice,” Hurts said.

Now, both teams will play a finale this week. We hope this time Jason Kelce will not let his emotions take control of him and the Eagles will also play fairly. It will be an exciting game to watch, especially after this incident.

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