Why 76ers’ James Harden slapped with $100K fine by NBA? exploring the aftermath of calling Daryl Morey a ‘Liar’ amid trade rumors

The unexpected news came as a shock on Tuesday as the NBA has imposed a substantial $100,000 fine upon the Philadelphia 76ers’ point guard, James Harden who has taken over the news recently. This decisive action follows Harden’s constant talking with hard-tone over trade rumors, taking direct aim at Daryl Morey and branding him a ‘liar’.

The effect of the NBA’s decision comes with deeper implications than the financial penalty itself. This piece will draw critical attention to the reason why the NBA released such a heavy sanction on Harden. Join us as we navigate through the consequences of James Harden’s verbal outburst.   

Why 76ers’ James Harden receives $100K fine from NBA? Explained

Following James Harden’s public outburst where he called the Sixers President “liar,” the NBA immediately responded to this act by setting up an inquiry panel to investigate the situation surrounding James and Morey.

In the wake of this event, the NBA released a statement after concluding their investigation. On Tuesday, 22, August 23, 2023, the NBA communication posted  @NBAPR on X handle and reads: the following has been released, “The NBA announced today that Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden has been fined $100,000 by the NBA for public comments on August 14 and 17 indicating that he would not perform the services called for under his player contract unless traded to another team.

The league’s investigation, which included an interview of Harden, confirmed that these comments referenced Harden’s belief that the 76ers would not accommodate his request to be traded.”

In response to the NBA fine on James, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) released a statement on Tuesday in support of James Harden. The statement on the NBA’s recent discipline on James Harden says:

“We respectfully disagree with the league’s decision to discipline James Harden for recent comments he made, which we believe do not violate the rule against public trade demands,” we intend to file a grievance and have the matter heard by our Arbitrator.”  This however has brought some corrosive reactions among NBA enthusiasts. As this has got fan’s opinions divided on this matter.

James Harden called Daryl Morey a “liar” in the midst of trade rumors

Amidst calling Morey a “Liar”, James has been talking tough recently, responding to a KHOU 11 television reporter, he said “I believe so,” when questioned about the state of his relationship  with the Sixers President, hinting that it might be “beyond repair.”Harden further stated, “I’ve been patient all summer. For me, it’s just focus on what I can control and getting ready for this season.”

James Harden

Sources reveal that Philadelphia relayed to Harden its inability to finalize a trade to his desired destination, the LA Clippers. The team also communicated its expectation for Harden to participate in the September training camp, hence, an anticipation that Harden intends to fulfill.

Having recently turned 34, Harden chose to exercise his $35.6 million option for the 2023-24 season back in June. His decision was emphasized by the expectation that Daryl Morey, would collaborate with him to get a trade to the Clippers. Evidently, while the Sixers and Clippers extensively engaged in trade discussions, which nothing is concrete yet.

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