Titans CB Caleb Farley lost his father in horrific $3 million house explosion in North Carolina

Caleb Farley is a football cornerback who was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2018. The cornerback lost his mother to breast cancer in 2018. Since then, he has been very close to his father and shared that he can’t afford to lose another parent. 

However, recent news broke out that the cornerback lost his father in a recent house explosion. Everyone is shocked at this sudden news and trying to figure out how such a modern and luxurious house has exploded.

Caleb Farley’s father tragically passed away in horrific house explosion

The father of Caleb Farley died this Monday evening after the house explosion. Due to the explosion, the house collapsed at around midnight. The body of Robert M. Farley was discovered at 4:30 a.m. 

The Titans cornerback wasn’t at home during the explosion. He arrived there the next morning and found out that his house had collapsed, and his father had died. 

It was reported by the rescuers that they spotted another person leaving the house when they arrived. The person was Christian Rogers, a family friend. He also got injured and was taken to the hospital immediately. Now, he is out of danger. 

The explosion was really bad, wood debris and window frames have been removed from the property. But everything is destroyed, and the house is all burnt.

Caleb Farley

Fortunately, no one else died due to this explosion but only father of Caleb Farley. The third-year NFL player talked about his father’s death through Instagram stories. 

“Daddy you a legend I love you 4L” and “You wasn’t suppose to go out like this pop.”

Caleb Farley

The next day, the coach Mike Vrabel informed other players about this incident, and they all took a knee to pray for Farley and his father.

“What’s most important is that we do everything we can to support him emotionally,” Vrabel said. “It’s shocking. We’ve got to focus on Caleb and his family, and how we can support him.”

Caleb Farley was the No.22 pick in the 2022 NFL draft but was placed on injured reserve soon because of back issues. He still can’t play with the team because of health issues. 

The cornerback has suffered a great loss. He has lost his second parent too and the incident was extremely tragic. The investigation in this case is continuing as officials are trying to figure out the cause of the explosion. 

NFL community questions reasons behind $3 million house explosion

This sudden house explosion has shocked everyone, and people are curious to find out how this happened. Some are even suspicious that someone might have done it intentionally and planned this whole thing.


The frustration and curiosity of people are acceptable. The incident was shocking for everyone. But the officials claim that it has happened because of gas.

Greene said that gas must’ve accumulated for a long time, and it might have met some ignition source which resulted in the explosion. It hasn’t affected the neighboring houses and is known to have started in a bedroom.

The house was worth $3 million. But for Caleb Farley, the bigger loss is the death of his father. We hope the cornerback can overcome this hard time and officials can find out the real reason behind this sudden house explosion.

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