“Fair play, congrats kid”: Dillon Danis confuses fans praising Logan Paul after Mavericks’ WWE US Championship win

Logan Paul was seen backstage after his Crown Jewel victory, proudly posing with his trophy. Many WWE stars and fans, including Triple H, have lauded the YouTuber and shared images of themselves with him on social media. Surprisingly, even Logan’s biggest boxing rival put aside their feud to praise him for his title win. 

Dillon Danis has recently complimented Logan Paul and looks to be shedding his bad-guy reputation. Danis retweeted a positive comment regarding Paul’s career in WWE despite their previous heated boxing encounter.

Dillon Danis praises Logan Paul’s WWE growth

The rapidity with which Logan Paul surpassed more established wrestling talents has been questioned by many. He fought the former U.S. champion to a close decision at the Crown Jewel tournament on November 4. Despite Mysterio’s best efforts, he was able to avoid being pinned on many occasions. They were both worn out, but an outsider managed to slip some brass knuckles for Logan Paul. With those, Paul knocked out Mysterio and took home the title belt.

Logan Paul
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Unexpectedly, after Logan Paul’s triumph, his old opponent Dillon Danis applauded him, stating, “Fair play. Congrats kid.”

The former Bellator fighter may be attempting an apology, but considering their earlier exchange, Paul may be unimpressed. Paul was hurt by Danis’ decision to share old images of his fiancée Nina Agdal from before they started dating. Agdal said that he was acting at Paul’s direction when she threatened to sue Danis and seek a restraining order against him. Paul has yet to tweet back to Danis after he praised him.

Logan Paul claims to defend his title with surprising appearances

Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to win the WWE United States title at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. This is his first championship win in WWE. Eight of his professional wrestling bouts have occurred on major WWE programs during the last year and a half. For Paul, winning a WWE championship was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Paul gloated to ESPN about his win and credited his preparation for the match for his success. While Paul may not become a full-time WWE wrestler anytime soon, he did tell ESPN that he plans to feature more often for the company in the future. After all, he’s responsible for protecting his crown. 

Logan Paul
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Do you think Logan Paul can keep that title for a long time against his other opponents and other WWE stars that he might have to face? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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