KSI won’t like Jake Paul’s music career jab with surprise offer after Neeraj Goyat bold callout

KSI has been one of the biggest influencers to come out of the United Kingdom and has established himself as one of the biggest names on YouTube, while also being the founder of crossover boxing when he took on Joe Weller to start this entire saga that is still capturing headlines. He has been successful in all his ventures, be it YouTube, music, or boxing.

His bitter rivalry with Jake Paul ever since he beat his older brother Logan Paul has not lightened even a bit but only escalated even further. With both Paul and KSI now active in boxing, their highly anticipated matchup might still be in the grasps of becoming reality.

Neeraj Goyat challenges KSI to a boxing bout

One of the latest trending subjects in the realm of crossover boxing has been Neeraj Goyat. He is an Indian-based boxer and has competed in a lot of professional fights, winning the most of them. But he was not able to come under the limelight of fame until he went viral all over the internet after issuing a call-out to Jake Paul to face off against him in Puerto Rico.

Ever since, he has been one of the frontrunners for a massive fight with Jake Paul, as the bout has been able to garner immense audience attention. But with Paul gearing up to face Mike Tyson, Goyat has shifted his attention to the biggest name in crossover boxing after Jake Paul, KSI. Ever since he signed to Paul’s promotional unit (MVP), Goyat has mentioned his interests in fighting the Brit, as well as Jake Paul.

Goyat has already taken over social media since his altercation with Paul and has the chance to be a part of a massive fight with him, which could take place in India. Securing another matchup with one of the biggest names in crossover boxing in KSI will only further propel him towards stardom.

Jake Paul jabs KSI’s music with surprise offer

After his fight with Tyson was announced, Paul did not set his sights on both of his most vocal and prominent rivals at present. In an Instagram post, Paul took shots at KSI, demeaning his music career and then instigating a bout between him and Neeraj Goyat. Paul made it clear that he is the A-side in this conversation, as he stated that he wants to fight the winner of the matchup.

The whole space of crossover boxing seems to be in a highly unpredictable phase, with no guesses as to which fight will be announced next. It is an exciting time for the likes of Jake Paul, and KSI, as they will undoubtedly be a part of more massive events to come, if not the biggest fight in the area, when they decide to square off against each other.


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