KSI defends Logan Paul after launch of CryptoZoo buyback program, sheds light on new NFT project “99 originals”

KSI and Logan Paul, the founders of Prime share a very close bond with each. Recently KSI came out to support his close friend Logan after he was facing criticism for his buyback program.

The dynamic world of influencers and crypto ventures continues to evolve, and in this piece, we dive into KSI’s recent endorsement of Logan Paul’s initiatives. This piece also includes backing the CryptoZoo buyback program to shedding light on Logan Paul’s latest NFT project, “99 Originals”.

KSI backs Logan Paul for CryptoZoo buyback program

Following the unsuccessful launch of Logan Paul’s NFT project, CryptoZoo, resulting in financial losses for participants, Paul initiated a buyback program. However, the buyback program has faced considerable backlash due to its terms and conditions. In a supportive response, KSI defended Logan, stating that he is doing his best to address the situation and pointed out Logan’s successful NFT project, ’99 Originals.’

KSI said, “I feel like Logan is doing the best he possibly can to help those who have been affected by this project. I think people are forgetting that he currently has another project called “99 originals” in the NFT space that has been quite successful.”

What is Logan Paul’s NFT project 99 originals?

“99 originals” is an NFT project by Logan Paul. The project revolves around 99 unique polaroids captured by Logan Paul over the course of 99 days. Each polaroid translates into a 1/1 NFT, offering not just artistic value but also exclusive perks and utility.

’99 originals’ turned out to be a huge success for Logan. He sold NFT priced $750k to sandbox and made a profit of $500k on that one alone. All of the NFT’s combined were sold for $2.3 million dollars.

With a focus on network awareness, profitability, and creative advantage, 99 Originals is positioned as more than just a celebrity cash-in. This presents an opportunity for fans to become active contributors within the NFT project, gaining real-world exposure and potentially lucrative scalability.

Whether it lives up to its ambitious promise remains to be seen, but 99 Originals will undoubtedly inject new excitement into the ever-changing NFT landscape. It is evident that Logan Paul’s NFT project ’99 Originals’ is a considerable success both financially and among fans, as reflected in their reactions.

Logan Paul is professionally a boxer now but continues to launch new side projects. He has partnered with KSI earlier to launch Prime hydration and later launched few NFT projects on his own. He keeps on finding ways to stay relevant to the audience and to make money simultaneously.


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