Fans bamboozled after Adin Ross claims Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate must blame KSI for arrest: “That’s quite a stretch”

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother were arrested in Romania yet again on Monday. The Tate brothers were arrested in Romania under charges of human trafficking, rape, and sexual assault. Reports are rife that they are in the process of getting extradited to the UK.

Earlier, it was speculated that streamer Adin Ross was to blame for the arrest. However, he has blamed another popular YouTuber, which he did while looking at an Andrew Tate stream.

Adin Ross claims KSI must be blamed for Tate brothers’ arrest

In a stream released after his arrest, Andrew Tate blamed the UK government. He said that the arrest had nothing to do with Romania. They contacted the Romanian authority and put Tate in jail for no apparent reason.

This video prompted Adin Ross to say, ‘We’re good! So blame KSI, not me! Am I from the UK? Am I from that f**king country? No, bro. Blame KSI’. 

Apparently, KSI, a YouTuber known for his football videos and recently foraying into boxing, resides in the United Kingdom. Adin Ross used that connection to blame him for Tate’s recent arrest.

But reports point to Adin Ross for releasing Andrew Tate’s whereabouts in a live stream that led to his arrest. The law agency handling the cases of women who filed against Tate was informed of the Adin Ross clip that spread on social media. 

Adin was seen discussing that Andrew Tate wants him to come to Romania for filming content and that he would leave that country indefinitely. The agency saw the video and informed the Romanian police, who later arrested Tate.

Once this was confirmed by Andrew Tate’s lawyers, Adin Ross made a public apology, stating that he ‘fu*ked up’. In fact, it was the Kick streamer who leaked Tate’s location to the viewers that led to this incident. He was sorry about the whole incident and said he did not want any of it to happen.

Fan brutally mock Adin Ross

Twitter was ablaze after the whole episode unfolded. Many were amused to see the logic behind Adin Ross blaming KSI. Others got more content for memes.

One even said that Adin deserves no forgiveness.

Others felt Adin’s actions were ‘dumb’. 

The latest incident is not the first time Adin Ross has found himself involved in a controversy. Just a few days ago, he promised to pay some boys to drive their car into a lake, which got them arrested.

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