Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2: What are all the Bunker Mod Benches locations?

The latest season in Chapter Five of Fortnite brings exciting new additions. One of these addition is Bunkers, which opens up a new prospect of exploration in game.

Players are already familiar with secret locations in the game, such as the cave present in the Grand Glacier last season. These will be similar to those giving the player rare items to collect. We show you the possible location of the bunkers so you can track them with ease during a match. 

Where are all the bunkers located?

Among the many new changes in Chapter 5 Season 2, underground bunkers have arrived. These contain rare loot, weapons, and mod benches. As they provide a healthy support of ammo to the players, these remain scattered throughout the map.

There are nine bunkers in Fortnite, six of which spawn randomly at the start of every match. Their possible locations are shown below:

  • Rebel’s Roost: Near a gas station.
  • Lavish Lair: Across the river Lavish Lair.
  • Classy Courts: Nearby are the rail tracks surrounding the watchtower.
  • Reckless Railways: Near the overhead bridge along the tracks.
  • Mount Olympus: On the road leading to Mount Olympus.
  • Fencing Fields: Across the Windmills.
  • Pleasant Piazza: Opposite the roads leading to the village.
  • Grim Gate: Near one of the bridges leading to Grim Gates.
  • Underworld: Nearby is the main entrance to the Underworld. 

As you head inside, there will be rare chests, weapon crates, and gold. Players have found different rarities of weapons here, ranging from uncommon to rare to epic. Try your luck and see what you get.

How to open bunkers and use a mod bench

Once you come across a bunker, it will be locked initially. They are programmed to unlock automatically when the third storm arrives. You will hear a siren before these start to open. Simply waiting for them to unlock will be a bad idea, as there will be other players who would like a share of the loot too. As soon as you’re in, you will gain access to Mod Benches.

Mod benches allow you to perform modifications to your weapons. Simply equip a weapon and interact with a mod bench to bring up the customization menu. Here you can perform all sorts of enhancements, from increasing the scope magnification to carrying more ammo per round to reducing the weapon recoil. 

Remember that doing each modification will cost you 75 gold. Make sure you collect all the gold you can find when raiding the bunkers. 

Have you already opened any bunkers in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section.


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