What does Fortnite Vinderman 2.0 Pack contain? Everything you need to know

Epic Games has released Dr. Vinderbot-inspired in-game items for Fortnite. This will come with new objectives and cosmetic items that can be used in the games.

The new pack will give players items connected to the Vinderman. Fortnite has recently revealed the new season titled Myths and Monsters, which brings Zeus and the other Greek gods to the Battle Pass. A new crew pack is also available now for the players, which brings a new member of the Meowscles family to the Omniverse. 

What is inside Fortnite Vinderman 2.0 Pack?

The Vinderman 2.0 pack brings a whole lot of new items to Fortnite. You get a regular Dr. Vinderbot outfit along with its LEGO version, BluGlo Back Bling, a Flask Bashers Pickaxe, and 1500 V-Bucks. Players will also get access to missions in the Save the World mode and get rewarded with 1500 V-bucks daily when they complete these objectives.

Dr. Vinderbot is an inventor whose field of interest is doing experiments with BluGlonium. The item appears frequently in Save the World missions. Players can collect them by destroying anomalies spread throughout the map or by playing the popular ‘Whack-a-Troll’.

Vinderbot is a central character in the Save the World mode. He created Ray, who helps the player fight against the storm by creating shields. Vindertech is the technological advancement of the doctor that protects all the characters in Homebase.

The Fortnite Vinderman 2.0 Pack is available to buy for $18.50 from the Epic Games Store.

Is purchasing Fortnite Vinderman 2.0 Pack worth it?

The initial cost of the Vinderman pack is relatively high. This only makes sense to those who want to complete Save the World quests. Most of these reset daily, giving you a huge potential to earn V-bucks, which can be used to purchase Battle Passes or your favorite outfits from the store.

Another reason to buy the Vinderman pack is that it is time-limited. Epic Games will sell these only for a certain time. After that, they will no longer remain available, and the Vinderbot outfit will earn legendary status. 

So getting the Vinderman 2.0 pack will depend on the players who have spent a lot of time in the Save the World mode. As Dr. Vinderbot is associated with Fortnite’s Homebase lore, fans of the character can get his rare outfit as part of a collection.


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