Liverpool star Diogo Jota reveals cheeky plan to get stat boost in EA FC 25

Diogo Jota is an avid player in EA’s popular FIFA series, now rebranded as FC 24. He frequently shares his in-game achievements on Twitter with his followers. Fans were amused to see his in-game rewards shortly after the launch of the new football title. That was one of the many indications that point to him playing FC 24 at the top level.

Fans already know Diogo Jota’s love for his PlayStation and FIFA. Now the Liverpool midfielder has revealed how he plans to improve his stats for his character in next year’s FC 25.

Diogo Jota wants 5-star skill moves in the next EA FC

It appears that Jota is a man on a mission to get his in-game character a five-star skill move on EA’s next football game. Currently, he has 4 star skills and 5 star weak foot in FC 24.

He aims to perform a special move, the Elastico, a move exclusive to 5-star skillers in FC 24. It involves using your dominant foot to move the ball to your weak foot as a tactic to fool the defenders. Players do this by pushing the ball using the inside part of their feet. It was popularized by Brazilian legends Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

Jota believes once he performs this on-field, EA will get him a stats upgrade for next year’s title. This just shows how passionate he is about FC 24. Liverpool, meanwhile, would not mind their ace midfielder adding a skill or two to his repertoire.

Jota equally proficient in both real and virtual world

Diogo Jota’s passion for FIFA has been evident over the last few years. In 2021, he was ranked in first place on the Ultimate Team Leaderboards. During that time, he consistently went 30-0 in the weekend league, playing against some of the best players online.

He has even competed with professional players in the competitive FIFA scene. During the FIFA 20 ePremier League Invitational, he played against his former teammate Trent-Alexander Arnold and went on to win the match.

Before the launch of FC 24, he got an early-release copy of the title. During that time, he had already played 30 matches in the span of a few days, which had left the fans amused. These events just show the passion that Jota shares with FC 24. 

Jota is now spending time with FC 24 after sustaining an injury he sustained while playing against Brentford. He is making a quick recovery, with coach Jurgen Klopp expecting him to be fit within the following weeks.


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