Is Midas event returning to Fortnite? Exploring the possibility

Midas is reported to arrive in Fortnite sooner, as reported by numerous leaks. A popular mode consisting of Lava is set to make its comeback too.

For the uninitiated, Midas was trapped in the underworld after the Doomsday event back in Season 2. He and his team conspired to take over the agency and control Zero Point. He was later available as a legendary skin in Fortnite. With the arrival of Greek gods in the Omniverse, Epic Games may bring back the character for mid-season content.

Midas event to make a comeback on Fortnite?

The popular Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR has shared an image that points to the return of Floor is Lava. Here, players have to navigate the map surrounded by molten lava and build items to pass from one place to the next. If they fall into the bubbling liquid, they need to restart again.

This mode was present in Fortnite Chapter 2 and may point to the return of Midas. As he can turn anything into gold, that reference could indicate the presence of lava on the surface. 

Another leak points to the arrival of Midas on Marigold’s yacht. There is a statue of Midas present there, and that could act as his escape from the underworld. The River of Styx and Underworld are already arriving in Chapter 5, Season 2, as part of Greek mythology. Maybe we can see Midas emerging from the underworld, and then we will get missions connected to him.

Leaks on Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Midas event

The return of Midas will also bring many time-limited challenges to Fortnite. iFireMonkey has shared in-game images that have quests related to Midas, Jules, and Marigold. Players have to investigate the prison cell of Midas, help Marigold provide an escape path for Midas, and much more. 

The Drum Gun of Midas also makes a comeback. Expect plenty of quests and collectibles to do in the Marigold Yatch, too. We also see quests relating Midas to the Floor is Lava. There are additional Rise of Midas quests that further point to his arrival.

Another user has shared an interesting Midas design that is different from his usual black or gray attire. Here we see an exposed Midas skeleton under his armor and cloak. Maybe this could point to a future Halloween-inspired skin planned by Epic. 

If Midas truly makes a return, that will be a fun mode to play for fans who have already collected his legendary skin back in the day. 


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