Overwatch 2 Season 10 to be potentially delayed as Season 9 receives extension

Overwatch 2 already had a pretty good season 9. The Battle Pass had some unique skins based on Lovecraftian horror elements, such as the fan-favorite Tentacle Horror Torbjorn. Plus, we also had multiple collaborations in the hero shooter. Now those looking for the next season have to wait for some time before we get a peek into the next chapter.

Blizzard has made some adjustments to the timeline of the current Overwatch 2 season. As a result, the upcoming Season 10 will now arrive a week later than scheduled.

Overwatch 2 Season 9 gets extended

The current season of Overwatch 2 was scheduled to end on April 7. But the game home screen now displays that players will have to wait till the 16th for Season 10 to arrive.

In the current season, players were treated to a bunch of cool items. A new co-op mode was introduced to explore a new map titled Antarctic Peninsula. The story mode had the players investigating the reasons behind the crash landing.

A new mode, Hero Mastery: Gauntlet, was made available to the players. Using different hero combinations, you had to survive the enemy waves and safeguard a tower. 

10 new skins were released that rocked the Eldritch horror aesthetics. A total of 80 tiers of rewards were unlockable after completing various challenges. The final reward gets you the popular Ancient Caller Mythic Moira skin, which has become popular among the fans. Players who have yet to unlock the items now get some extra time to do so. That gives you plenty of time to unlock the Cupid Hanzo or the Valentine-themed Reaper skin.

Season 9 also had multiple surprises in the form of numerous collaborations. A Porsche-themed mecha suit was announced, and players had the opportunity to collect Cowboy Bebop-esque outfits for the heroes. 

What to expect from Season 10

The next season will reportedly bring a new hero titled Venture, for whom there will also be a mythical skin. A developer diary is about to be released soon and will detail the new items that arrive with Season 10.

It is speculated that some heroes will see their abilities adjusted. This was long requested by the fans and is already in the works. The game mechanics will see some quality-of-life updates being pushed out, with the Competitive Playlist getting much-needed attention. 

But others think the PVE story mode will not get any new updates. This is due to the recent layoffs going on at Activision. This, of course, can change with an official announcement slated to happen very soon.

Which hero do you think needs a buff with the launch of Season 10? Let us know in the comments below.


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