Shakur Stevenson Persists in Pursuit of Vasiliy Lomachenko Fight Despite Lomachenko’s Disinterest

Despite Vasiliy Lomachenko’s visible disinterest, Shakur Stevenson persists in his pursuit of a bout with the Ukrainian boxing maestro, wanting to prove to the world that he is the best.

With the boxing world eagerly awaiting Lomachenko’s upcoming fight, Stevenson’s unyielding resolve to face the Ukrainian champion is still persistent.

Shakur Stevenson Sets Sights on Vasiliy Lomachenko Fight

Shakur Stevenson has firmly fixed his sights on one opponent: Vasiliy Lomachenko. Despite Lomachenko’s apparent disinterest, Stevenson’s determination remains unshaken. Stevenson’s ambition to face Lomachenko stems from a belief in his own abilities and a desire to test himself against the very best in the sport.

With an impressive record and a string of dominant performances to his name, the young American boxer sees Vasiliy as the ultimate challenge. Recent reports have highlighted Stevenson’s relentless pursuit of a bout with Lomachenko, with the American boxer making public statements expressing his eagerness to step into the ring with the Ukrainian maestro.

In an interview with Boxing News 24, Stevenson’s fixation on Lomachenko was evident as he laid bare his desire to prove himself against a fighter of Lomachenko’s caliber. However, Stevenson’s pursuit has been met with apparent indifference from Lomachenko himself.

Despite Stevenson’s overtures, Lomachenko has shown little enthusiasm for the proposed matchup, preferring to focus on other challenges within the lightweight division.

Vasiliy Lomachenko to Battle George Kambosos for Vacant IBF Lightweight Title

Lomachenko’s decision to pursue other opportunities has only served to intensify Stevenson’s determination to secure a showdown with the Ukrainian star.

As Lomachenko prepares to face George Kambosos for the vacant IBF Lightweight Title, Stevenson finds himself in a position of uncertainty, unsure of when or if his long-awaited clash with Lomachenko will materialize.

The announcement of Lomachenko’s upcoming bout with Kambosos has only added fuel to the fire, further stoking the flames of anticipation for a potential matchup between Stevenson and Lomachenko.

While Lomachenko focuses on his immediate challenge, Stevenson continues to train tirelessly, honing his skills and preparing for the opportunity to prove himself against one of the sport’s most formidable competitors.

As the boxing community awaits the outcome of Lomachenko’s clash with Kambosos, Stevenson remains undeterred in his pursuit of a matchup with the Ukrainian superstar.


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