Fans rally behind Destiny for refuting Caitibugzz’s r*pe allegations on GeorgeNotFound: “Rare Destiny W”

Destiny reacts to Katie, an 18-year-old, who has alleged being assaulted by a significantly older and popular content creator named George “GeorgeNotFound” at a hotel during VidCon 2023. She was encouraged to drink more and played drinking games, leading to her being intoxicated. The alleged assaulter made sexual advances, taking advantage of her intoxicated state.

In March 2024, the Minecraft community was shocked by significant charges against a well-known creator. Caitibugzz, a Twitch broadcaster, presented an emotional livestream of a troubling interaction with a prominent content producer. While Caitibugzz never specifically identified the person, internet proofs and evidence largely led to GeorgeNotFound, making the Minecraft streamer the centre of a major debate.

Destiny talks about Caitibugzz’s and GeorgeNotFound’s ongoing controversy

The GeorgeNotFound attack news continues to circulate across the gaming world. Caitibugzz’s live stream on March 10th, in which she revealed an attack by a “significantly older” content producer, shocked people across the community. Caitibugzz reacted immediately to GeorgeNotFound’s social media post on March 11th, hinting that he was the guy in issue, swiftly turning speculation into fact.

Destiny talks on Caitibugzz’s and GeorgeNotFound ongoing controversy
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Other major personalities are already discussing it all over social media. Destiny, a renowned streamer known for his comments on esports and other topics, responded to Caitibugzz’s first webcast today, sharing his thoughts on the matter. He said:

“This is like… this is such a lucky lesson learned. Like, ‘Okay, I was underage drinking. That was already pretty dumb. Probably shouldn’t go back to the hotel with some guys alone. Some guy kind of felt me up a little bit. But then nothing happened and then I left.’ That is a lucky scenario! That’s lucky! Nothing happened! You’re good!”

“Like, holy s**t! What an easy way to learn a lesson without anything insane happening! Wait, what the f**k?”

Fans divided after Destiny’s hot take

It is a total rollercoaster ride between the two sides of the fan base. Some people are supporting Caitibugzz and some people are supporting GeorgeNotFound. People here are not deciding on the rumours around the internet as the real person here hasn’t been mentioned by the victim himself.

Fans deciding on the news, to be honest, might seem very cliche over the topic but people are raging around the internet against Caitibugzz as the content creator is getting backed by his fandom no matter what the reason he is holding. Recent updates say that George has made apologies to Caitibugzz, saying:

“I have much more I will say, but for now, Caiti I am sorry. I am so sorry. I really hope you can hear my words and try to understand that I did not have any bad intentions. That does not change the fact that you were hurt. I will be saying more soon.”

After the apologies, fans replied :

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