Red Bull’s $1 purchase of Jaguar Racing shows $2.6 billion growth

After another blockbuster run at the 2024 Saudi Arabian GP, the Red Bull dominators—Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez—have showcased a performance of sheer supremacy, with their ‘two 1-2 finishes in two consecutive Grand Prix events’. These ‘on-the-track’ stats just flat-out show how dominant the Austrian team has become in recent years.

However, a recent ‘non-Formula 1’ stat also reveals how competitive Red Bull has become off-track.

Red Bull’s worth is up to $2.6bn from $1 purchase

On November 15, 2005, Red Bull, which was mostly known as an energy drinks company back then, secured the acquisition of the Jaguar Racing Formula 1 team from Ford, giving birth to Red Bull Racing, or RBR in short.

According to a report from BBC Sport, RBR successfully bought out the F1 team, when Ford offered the bidders a symbolic US$1 in return for a commitment to invest US$400 million in the team over three Grand Prix seasons.

Fast forward to present day; after ’19 and counting’ seasons and 6 Constructor’s titles, Red Bull is reportedly valued at a staggering U.S. 2 billion dollars, as per Forbes, making it one of the richest and ‘money-raining’ teams in Formula 1 today.

Comparing other F1 teams’ worth with Red Bull

Based on Forbes’ $2.6 billion valuation, Red Bull is currently the third-most valuable team in Formula 1 today, just behind Ferrari and Mercedes. It’s $2.6 billion valuation falls short of Ferrari’s ($3.9 billion) by just $1.3 billion, while Mercedes is $1.2 billion richer than RBR.

McLaren ($2.2 billion) is the closest competitor to the Milton-Keynes based team, with only $0.2 billion less, while the other six teams fall short by over a billion dollars.

Formula 1 TeamTeam Value in billion U.S. Dollars
Ferrari$3.9 billion
Mercedes$3.8 billion
Red Bull Racing$2.6 billion
McLaren$2.2 billion
Alpine$1.4 billion
Aston Martin$1.375 billion
Visa Cash App RB
(formerly AlphaTauri)
$1.125 billion
Alfa Romeo$0.9 billion
Haas$0.78 billion

Only Alpine, Aston Martin, and the ‘AlphaTauri-rebranded’ Visa Cash App RB team, which is RBR’s sister team, are valued in the 1-to-1.5 billion U.S. dollar margin. The three remaining teams—Alfa Romeo (now Sauber), Haas, and Williams—are valued at less than 1 billion U.S. dollars.

Apart from its top-three rank in the valuation table, Red Bull is currently at the top spot in the 2024 Constructor’s Championship with 87 points, leapfrogging Ferrari (2nd) and Mercedes (3rd) by 38 and 59 points, respectively.

Red Bull will now take on its F1 rivals at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit on March 24 at the 2024 Australian GP and fire on to win a straight 4th championship that will rocket its valuation to greater heights.

Can RBR hit the U.S. $3 billion mark after this season ends? Can the Austrian team become more valuable than Ferrari and Mercedes in the next five years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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