Mika Hakkinen explains why Max Verstappen is not the only reason Red Bull won the F1 Championship

Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, has written his name into the F1 history books after displaying the competition’s most dominating spell ever last season. The Dutchman has been in fiery form for the last few years, proving to be almost unbeatable since 2022. 

His current run of dominance with Red Bull is, undoubtedly, an extraordinary streak in Formula 1, ushering in comparisons with Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher by the F1 community. Despite this, ex-World Champion Mika Pauli Hakkinen has claimed that he isn’t the sole reason behind Red Bull winning the F1 Championship.

F1 champion makes bold Max Verstappen claim

In an interview with BILD, two-time F1 Champion Mika Hakkinen has recently claimed that Max Verstappen isn’t the only reason behind Red Bull’s F1 Championship success.

Talking about Max Verstappen reaching Formula 1’s ‘GOAT’ status, he said, “He is well on his way. But you shouldn’t be too hasty here either. What Max has achieved in the past few years is incredible. But to even catch up with the world titles, he needs four more”.

Although Hakkinen acknowledges Verstappen’s talent, he pointed out that the overall team has played a big role behind Red Bull’s dominance. “Max has the talent to become the best of all time, but it’s not just him. Team boss, car, pit crew, management – everything has to be right. That was the case with Lewis and Michael. That’s why they were able to shape an era,” he told BILD.

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In order for Max Verstappen to reach greater heights, the entire operation (at Red Bull) around him needs to be like clockwork – something the team have been able to successfully do from the unseen side.

Max Verstappen F1 documentary to reveal his unseen side

Max Verstappen has once again joined hands with Viaplay with the upcoming three-part documentary titled “Off the Beaten Track”, following the success of “Max Verstappen- Anatomy of a Champion”.

This new docuseries, which is set to be released on 15th February, delves deep into Verstappen’s life beyond the F1 circuit, revealing the depth of his passions and the complexities of his character.

Talking about this series, Verstappen stated, “This series shows a side that often remains unseen during the moments on the Formula 1 circuit.”

“‘Off the Beaten Track’ gives a glimpse of my life, my love for different forms of motorsport and the people who inspire me. I’m proud to collaborate with Viaplay in bringing this unique series to viewers,” he told.

This documentary will have three 30-minute episodes and will be aired on Viaplay from 15th February to February 29.

Can Max Verstappen win his fourth World title with RB this season? Are you excited about his upcoming documentary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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