Ex-F1 Champ boldly predicts Max Verstappen surpassing Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher ahead of Singapore GP

The Red Bull is locking horns with “prancing horses” because, Max Verstappen has definitely managed to create a mark in Formula 1 like no other driver ever has. The young Dutch driver has become a favorite for new and old F1 fans alike, and in this case, even F1 champions. Red Bull gave him wings that have allowed him to soar way above other drivers and create a history around himself (leaving his signature orange smoke behind him).

After so many remarks and comparisons, it seems like an old F1 maverick was unable to keep himself away from the buzz surrounding Max Verstappen and went on to add his own remark concerning the Red Bull hotshot.

 Jody Scheckter predicts Verstappen’s superiority over Hamilton and Schumacher

A household name to success, Jody Scheckter, a former F1 driver and the winner of 1979 Formula 1 world championship (of course with Ferrari) recently was talking to media about Max Verstappen’s success. In a recent post from GPfans, Jody Scheckter speaks to Stats Perform,  “I think it’d be boring,” before adding, “Well, I fought hard for my wins and they came every now and again.”

He further explains himself while applauding the young driver’s talents, “But no, it’s incredible. Obviously, he’s been superior to his team-mates all the time. Doesn’t matter who went in there, and he’s got the car to win now. I think it’s all together, granted, can’t put anything against it.”

He boldly claimed that Verstappen’s dominance could land him above everyone else, “If he has this dominance all the time, it could be maybe eight [world championships], I don’t know.” 

Even though it may seem a high claim, this sport has often left pundits dumbstruck with its pivots.  This era is definitely being dominated by Verstappen and Red Bull with only time being the only obstacle between Max and record breaking weekends. 

Max Verstappen looks to extend his record streak in Singapore GP

After claiming 10 consecutive victories and breaking the record of Red Bull legend Sebastian Vettel himself, Max Verstappen has set his eyes on another victory. Under the night lights of a tricky street circuit in Singapore we may find his winning streak going up considerably. He has been consistent to the point that his race-craft seems like perfection. 

However, we have another Bull waiting to demolish others in it’s way in form of “Mexican Minister of Defense”, aka Sergio Perez. the Red Bull driver has managed to prove himself as a street circuit champ considering the fact that he even won the prestigious Monaco GP last year. It’ll be hard to dismiss him as a fellow contender for win and watching Max and Perez go against each other will be an exhilarating experience, “let them race!!”

We keep our fingers crossed for a huge amount of excitement in the upcoming GP. Who are you going to root for under the night lights of Singapore GP? Will you attend the race, do let us know your comments.


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