LeBron James and Rui Hachimura forge unique bond amid Lakers insiders’ upbeat take on King James’ health

LeBron James is not only a star player for the Los Angeles Lakers but also a great mentor for his teammates. He develops friendly relationships with his teammates both on court and off court and acts as an inspiration for them.

Many have noticed that when players play alongside LeBron, they start playing better because they find proper guidance and a trustworthy mentor in Lebron. LeBron doesn’t look down upon them but instead helps them get better. He assists them in developing their game and also helps them by instilling confidence among them. As the preseason draws close, the NBA icon has partnered with Rui Hachimura, training together and parting fitness tips with the youngster.

LeBron James and Rui Hachimura form fitness alliance ahead of new Lakers season

A young and capable player like Rui Hachimura needs someone to guide and bring out the best in him. LeBron seeing potential in Rui, had started mentoring him. Rui might not have played that well in the regular season for the Lakers, but ultimately, he found his form and exploded in the playoffs. Sadly, the Lakers lost to the Denver Nuggets who would go on to ace the Championship. This time, Rui is destined to play even better as he is working out and being trained by “The King” himself.

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“Rui has become, we were laughing, Bron calls him ‘his understudy’”, Darvin Ham, the Lakers coach said speaking of Hachimura’s will to prepare himself ahead of the season.

“He’s been with him all summer as much as possible, and I think that’s a great thing. He’s setting himself up to not just have a long career, but a long career at an extremely high level. And in terms of how he’ll be used, again, we have a team full of Swiss Army Knives, so he’s another player that can play multiple positions, that can score at three levels, that’s strong, physical, that made huge leaps and bounds defensively last year.”, he continued.

“As you saw in the Denver series, we were able to throw him on Jokic some, I expect nothing but big, big, big things from Rui this year. He’s still a young player, he still has different levels he can go to, and he’s already at an extremely high level. So we’ll figure it out, but he’ll definitely be deep in the mix.”, Darvin Ham concluded.

 Lakers’ insider delivers encouraging health update on LeBron James

LeBron is getting ready for his 21st season in the League. The term which was used to describe how he was feeling about this was “Revamped Energy”.

Last season LeBron had suffered from a foot injury but now here he is, back again on his feet and fully charged. “The King” is practicing two sessions a day and the team seems optimistic about his health.

Even his former teammate Mike Miller had emphasized how much LeBron invests in his body fitness. Clearly, the NBA legend is looking to lead another Championship campaign for the LA Lakers in the coming season.

What is your opinion on Rui Hachimura and LeBron James’ budding mentor-mentee relationship? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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