FFC 66 fighter Michael Estrada hilariously discloses his illegal entry into Peru after scoring featherweight victory

FFC 66 fighter Michael Estrada, hailing from South America, made his professional MMA debut in December 2022 against Cesyan Modesto Carracedo Araujo. Since then, the Ecuadorian has fought Cristian Calapucha and Alessandro Gandolfo, emerging victorious in all of these bouts without any difficulties.

However, the fighter, with a winning streak of 3 fights since turning professional, may face significant trouble due to his comments in the post-fight interview at Fusion Fight Championship 66.

Fighter discloses illegal entry in Peru to participate in FFC 66

In the post-fight interview at FFC 66, Michael Estrada, after emerging victorious against Alessandro Gandolfo, discussed his fight camp and other preparations for achieving victory. The Ecuadorian, with a laugh, expressed his happiness and mentioned the sacrifices he made to be there. Estrada also humorously stated that authorities didn’t allow him to come, joking that he’s there illegally.

“I’m very happy. I made a lot of sacrifices to come from Ecuador to be here. They almost didn’t let me come, and I’m jokingly saying I’m here illegally,” These statements could be concerning as they might lead to potential legal issues for him.

Crossing the border remains a criminal offense, and Michael Estrada could potentially face legal trouble. Neither the promotion nor Estrada have provided additional comments about the incident yet. Fortunately, no issues have arisen so far. Estrada should carefully consider his choices in the future to avoid similar situations.

FFC 66 results

The build up to the FFC 66 was intense and entertaining and it’s safe to say the event landed on it’s expectations. The main even of the FFC 66 was headlined by the title bout between Heber Federico Pereyra and Martin Mollinedo. The feather weight title bout between the two ended very quickly as Pereyra had a submission win in the first round.

Marco Munoz and Renzo Martinez also contested the bantamweight title, resulting in a hard-fought victory for Marco. Renzo Martinez didn’t make it easy for Marco to secure the win; the Bolivian put up a strong fight for three rounds but ultimately lost via unanimous decision.

Another co-main event at FFC 66 featured the fight between Michael Estrada and Alessandro Gandolfo. Estrada emerged as the victor, but it appears that the Ecuadorian got overly excited in the post-fight interview, saying something that might land him in trouble.

Vicente Vargas secured victory over Alex Cunuhay Cemento with a hard-fought unanimous decision win. Bruno Martinez also emerged victorious against Fabricio Fernandez, ending the fight with a first-round submission via a rear-naked choke.Another fighter who achieved a submission win was Sebastian Fernandez, who defeated Jefferson Araujo, and Rony Ramos secured a victory over Miguel Gamarra with a rear-naked choke.

Please share your thoughts in the comments regarding Alessandro Gandolfo’s statements. Do you believe the authorities will deport the Ecuadorian? Additionally, feel free to share your thoughts on the submission wins at the FFC 66 event.


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