LeBron James breaks late Kobe Bryant’s unique record despite loss vs Dallas Mavericks

This season has been terrible for the Los Angeles Lakers, even with the Christmas miracle produced by LeBron James was not enough to get them over the line resulting in their twentieth defeat of the ongoing season. 

Nevertheless, the miracle from King James gave the Lakers supporters something to cheer about despite their thirteenth-position blunder.

In the match against the Mavericks, LeBron looked at his peak form- He played for thirty-four minutes with six rebounds, five assists, and thirty-eight points; despite his efforts, his team lost.

On the other hand, the L-Train broke two significant records of late star Kobe Bryant. It was the Akron Hammer’s 17th-holiday game, most by any NBA player in history- surpassing Kobe Bryant’s previous record of 16 Holiday/Christmas games. 

Moreover, James had previously broken the all-time holiday record for the most points by any player, with 422 Christmas points which now reached 460 as he scored 38 against the Mavericks.

Why is the match on Christmas so significant?

Christmas is a very significant occasion in the NBA universe- during the holiday season, families tend to stay inside their homes and watch the game together as their favourite teams compete for glory on Christmas, making it unique for fans. On the other hand, as many people enjoy the event together, the show’s TRP- Television Rating Point automatically increases, making it one of the most critical events for NBA stars. 

LeBron James
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Even though the Lakers could not win the match, James once again has proven that he is the worthy “King” to be seated at the NBA thrown and wear the crown of records. Even the late Kobe Bryant would be smiling from heaven, witnessing his mate break his long-held record and bringing joy to everyone on a merry day!

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