Boxing fans go bonkers as footage of Jake Paul sparing with sex toy goes viral

Jake Paul is pretty much the living embodiment of everything wrong with the internet. From his earlier days on Vine where he used to post mostly unfunny skits to making clickbait videos on youtube, the Cleveland-born has somehow always managed to hit new lows when it comes to doing despicable things for content.

A few years earlier when he was at the top of his game, Jake decided to move his attention away from youtube and transitioned to boxing. Some might mistakingly think that the former youtube star was trying to get rid of his childish silly image for a more mature and serious persona but they were quickly disappointed with the young Paul’s actions.

In the latest attention-seeking move, ‘The Problem Child’ has been seen boxing with an inappropriate object. The boxer was in Cleveland where his family members gathered. Jake unashamedly started practicing boxing with a sex toy. During his training, one family member even interrupts Jake to hand him a gift while he continues his heinous practice.

Reactions from fans have been mixed as many have found the stunt funny while some have taken this opportunity to insult the controversial figure. But the truth of the matter is, Jake got what he wanted as the video managed to collect 37 million views on Twitter and 5 million more on Instagram. The lack of distaste from people towards such an act seems downright shocking and depressing.

Who is Jake Paul preparing to fight?

The Youtuber has managed to grab the attention of fans and fighters of almost combat sports alike for all the wrong reasons. Many don’t consider his last few victories legit as there is recorded evidence on camera suggesting the ‘boxer’ probably integrated some type of foul play to win his matches.

Real fighters are still reluctant to sign a fight with Jake as the 25-year-old is rumored to try and bribe his opponents or set the fighting odds unfairly in his favor. But Tommy Fury (brother of Tyson Fury) has seemingly agreed to fight ‘The Problem Child’ and the fight will probably take place in 2023.

Meanwhile, we hope Jake doesn’t commit an international scandal like his brother Logan just to stay relevant.

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