Can Jake Paul do anything to get internet’s attention, remember about his fake marriage with Tana Mongeau?

When it comes to attracting an online audience, Jake Paul is entirely bonkers. It appears that his wild imagination for internet publicity worked for specific age demographics but not for all mature audiences. However, the fake marriage incident with Tana Mongeau went too far, so therefore it only worked to some extent.

The Problem Child’s wild doing for internet publicity is nothing new. He has done some terrible things in order to gain publicity. Since the majority of the internet audience is young, so he predominately takes advantage of his young audience. However, his stunts seem to be temporarily effective.

For instance, he previously dated his older brother’s ex-girlfriend in order to provoke Logan. Both brothers were not on good terms at the time, so Jake went behind his brother’s back to do the worst thing possible. In response, Logan later did the thing to the same method.

Recently, The Internet sensation revealed that his marriage to Tana Mongeau was a forgery. They decided to have their wedding in Las Vegas after a whirlwind romance and two months of dating. But the wedding was all about the fame and the crowd.

Even though the older brother was aware of the whole situation from the start but he didn’t say anything at that moment. Later, in an interview, the 25-year-old Jake explained that “we all do things sometimes, and that sometimes you end up getting fake married. So I’ll leave it there. ” For a social media star like Jack, marriage is just a concept of gaining popularity and nothing more, as he and Mongeau divorced five months after their wedding.

As of now, the former Disney star is enjoying his relationship with Julia Rose. He claimed that dating Rose was nothing like his previous date experiences. Because he feels it’s real, whereas, in previous relationships, he was torn between the real and fake lines. Later, he revealed that the most romantic aspect of his recent relationship, which he admires the most about his partner, was that they started their relationship off-camera. That has never happened before with the YouTube star, so he believes this is the real deal.


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