“All of these opportunities” Legendary QB Peyton Manning on his chances of being NFL coach

The renowned former quarterback Peyton Manning has a lot of opportunities ahead of him. And the five-time MVP award winner’s fans are probably biting their nails while hoping that he will take at least one of them. Before accepting the post of coach for an NFL team, Manning disclosed his condition. A few weeks ago, Manning was considering running for NFL Commissioner.

In 2016, shortly after winning the Lombardi trophy, the 46-year-old retired. He is renowned for his in-depth understanding of football, his aptitude for reading defenses, and his ability to make effective in-game announcements. The former Colts’ number 18 never expressed interest in coaching despite his excellent judgment.

There were questions as to whether Jeff Saturday’s old teammate would be interested in coaching a team when Jim Irsay became the new temporary head coach to lead the Colts. Why can’t a player like Peyton Manning be a coach, especially since Saturday is a novice coach?

But during a New York Post interview, he did not dish out the possibility of becoming a coach. He said, “All of these opportunities now from ‘Peyton’s Places’ to the ‘Manningcast’ have been appealing because I get to pick my schedule a bit. I think whatever comes next just needs to be (the) right fit at the right time.”

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