Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson comes to WWE HOFer Rey Mysterio’s rescue at WWE WrestleMania 40

Jason Kelce has officially bid farewell to the NFL and decided to enjoy his retirement life. While Kelce is usually spotted spending time with his kids or supporting charity events, recently he made an unexpected cameo.

When it was announced that WWE WrestleMania 40 would be in Philadelphia, it was expected that Jason Kelce would make an appearance, but no one expected him to get in the ring.

Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson side with Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 40

Former Eagles center, Jason Kelce made WWE debut on Saturday with Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson. During the match, when Dominik Mysterio was going to throw a chair at his father, Rey Mysterio, two men wearing masks appeared in the ring. They snatched the chair and helped Rey Mysterio.

After the match, the two men removed their masks, and fans were stunned to see Jason Kelce and Johnson in the ring.

Jason Kelce
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WrestleMania 40 was held at Lincoln Financial Field, and it was evident that Jason Kelce will surely go there. Jason has been a WrestleMania fan for a long time. After the match, he talked about his cameo and said that this cameo was “a dream come true.” 

The retired Pro-Bowler also emphasized that he is a longtime fan of Mysterio. 

“We grew up watching Rey, just such huge fans,” Kelce said.

However, this was not the first time Kelce came forward to support Rey, as he has been doing this even in Super Bowl parties.

Jason Kelce stole headlines at Super Bowl after-party wearing Luchador mask

Jason Kelce became very famous during his appearances in the Chiefs playoff games to support his brother, Travis Kelce, who won back-to-back Super Bowl championships with the Chiefs. 

Jason stole the spotlight with his shirtless antics and drinking to celebrate his brother’s victories. Jason was equally excited after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in February, as he enjoyed to the fullest.

In one Super Bowl after-party in Las Vegas, he made sure to pay tribute to Rey Mysterio by wearing his mask.

Jason Kelce
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He was seen dancing and singing wearing the Rey Mysterio mask in one of the clubs in Las Vegas. But now, the former Eagles player has not only met him but also helped him defeat his opponents. It must have been a very special moment for Jason Kelce. 

Fans can look forward to watching Jason make more such unexpected cameos and appearances. As he retires from the NFL, Jason Kelce will make sure to keep his fans entertained with his new ventures.

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