Meek Mill accuses Antonio Brown of sending indecent messages to young girl, AB responds

Recently, Antonio Brown’s social media antics have been creating a stir as the former WR keeps making weird comments about famous personalities, including Tom Brady. While Brown couldn’t find his way back to the NFL, he stayed in the headlines by using these antics.

However, things got a little serious recently as Meek Mill accused Brown of an inappropriate action and Brown got Tom Brady involved in this mess.

Meek Mill makes serious accusation against Antonio Brown

Yesterday, Antonio Brown posted a picture of the American Rapper Meek Mill and Diddy on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account to mock them. When Meek saw it, he felt offended and threatened the former WR.

Meek posted a tweet in which he shared that Brown had been texting a young girl, someone from his family. The rapper threatened Brown that he could destroy him forever.

“He went crazy seen me around team owners and I became his target lol I have dms of you dming a lil girl, actually my family” Meek tweeted.

Antonio Brown

He warned Antonio Brown to not mess with him or he will have to face serious consequences.  Till now if the former WR used to make comments about anyone it wasn’t taken seriously. Everyone ignored his comments including Shaq who was asked about his sexuality by Brown and Brady whose ex-wife Brown used to mock him.

But Meek Mill didn’t sit back quietly and came with a solid accusation. Antonio Brown has also replied to the rapper’s accusation by involving the NFL GOAT.

Antonio Brown responds to Meek Mill accusation by involving Tom Brady

Antonio Brown reacted to Meek Mill’s accusation by sharing screenshots of their conversation. In the screenshots, Brown tells Meek Mill to stop having Michael Rubin contact him about Tom Brady’s situation. 

He used the hashtag #CTESPN and referred to “IG Fingers,” implying criticism of Meek Mill’s behavior on social media.

By involving Tom Brady in the conversation, Brown likely aimed to stir up controversy and provoke Meek Mill. The exact cause of the feud between Meek Mill and Brown is unclear yet.

However, Antonio Brown’s unresolved issues with Tom Brady seem to be a contributing factor. Brown and Brady’s relationship soured despite their brief time as teammates on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Antonio Brown
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Brown accused Brady of reneging on promises and clashed with his agent over contract negotiations. The feud between Antonio Brown and Brady continued into 2024, with Brown criticizing Brady’s personal life. 

Now, he also has a beef with Meek Mill. It’s not confirmed if the rapper’s accusations against Brown are true or not, but if these are true it can make it more difficult for the former WR to clear his negative reputation.

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