Damar Hamlin brutally labels Antonio Brown ‘burnt-out old head’ after explosive tweet

Antonio Brown went from being on a Hall of Fame trajectory early in his career to someone trying to troll every other NFL player. While the former WR’s NFL career has faced a setback, he tries to stay in the limelight by making weird comments about other players on the X app. 

Recently, Antonio Brown reposted a tweet trying to bring back a distrusting conspiracy theory about the Bills’s safety, Damar Hamlin. However, Hamlin didn’t sit back quietly and brutally called out Brown for his comments.

Damar Hamlin claps back at Antonio Brown

Damar Hamlin recently posted a tweet criticizing Antonio Brown and his recent comments about himself. Hamlin clarified that the former WR must be angry with him because he didn’t reply to his messages. He also called him a “burnt-out old head” to let out his frustration on him.

“I pray God don’t ever let me turn into a burnt out old head like you,” Hamlin wrote. “I used to look up to you (…) Talk ’bout a clone, bring the real AB back!”

Hamlin posted this just a few hours after Antonio Brown threw a jab at his death conspiracy theory. The former WR retweeted a post in which someone asked a question. 

“(Who’s) a fictional character’s death that you have NOT gotten over?” 

Brown simply reposted this tweet with a picture of Hamlin throwing a jab at his death conspiracy theory. All the NFL fans are aware of this conspiracy, which started after Damar Hamlin nearly died on television at the end of the 2022 season.

Antonio Brown
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The safety collapsed on the field after a brutal hit and had to be attended to by several first responders. Those professionals saved Damar Hamlin’s life, but this conspiracy theory was created that Hamlin did die on the field and the NFL covered it up. 

There were several comparisons made to the COVID-19 vaccine, and allegations were made about a body double standing in for Hamlin after the collapse. Despite Damar Hamlin being on the Bills’ roster for the entire 2023-24 season, there were still individuals who subscribed to this theory, and Brown seemed to be one of them.

Or maybe he just did that to create drama and stay in the spotlight once again, as he is known for creating trouble without any reason.

Why Antonio Brown is the most hated NFL player?

Antonio Brown remains in the headlines but not for any good reasons. A study was conducted by a gambling website on over 170,000 geotagged tweets, which revealed that Antonio Brown is the most hated NFL player.

The reason he is not well-liked is because of his personality and legal problems. In 2019, the former WR’s personal trainer accused him of sexual assault just three days after signing with the Patriots. A few days after this incident, another woman accused him of sexual misconduct. 

Antonio Brown
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These incidents compelled the Patriots to release Brown after 13 days of signing him. In January 2020, the former WR received felony charges of battery and burglary after he and an accomplice attacked a moving truck at his home. He pleaded no contest to those charges, which resulted in two years of probation. 

After that, Antonio Brown’s career with the Buccaneers was also full of controversies and conflict. Since he departed from the Bucs, no team has shown interest in signing him.

Although the former WR is no longer playing in the league, he gets into trouble with the players and coaches now and then by making weird remarks and tweets. Antonio Brown has risen to the status of most despised NFL player as a result of his numerous court fights and misconduct.

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