Nets “red-flagging” Isaiah Hartenstein’s draft status with false knee injury possibly cost him millions

Isaiah Hartenstein accused the Brooklyn Nets of harming his chances in the NBA draft by falsely claiming he had a knee injury. This pushed him down to the middle of the second round in 2017, potentially costing him millions of dollars in guaranteed contracts.

Now, he has the opportunity to secure a significant paycheck in the upcoming summer as he enters free agency without any limitations. But Hartenstein still feels that he missed out on better deals earlier because of the Nets’ actions.

Isaiah Hartenstein explains how the Nets possibly lost him millions

Isaiah Hartenstein shared his experience about how the Brooklyn Nets unfairly labeled him with a fake knee injury during the 2017 NBA Draft, causing his draft status to plummet. This false red flag from the Nets led to him being picked much later in the draft, potentially costing him millions in guaranteed money.

Hartenstein explained that he had never had any knee issues before and was surprised when his agent asked about it on draft night. He was puzzled because he knew his knee was perfectly fine. The red flag from Brooklyn significantly affected his draft position, with projections placing him between 15th and 35th, but the Houston Rockets ultimately selected him 43rd.

Isaiah Hartenstein explains how the Nets possibly lost him millions
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He expressed his frustration during the draft night when Houston showed interest in him, despite expecting to be chosen much earlier based on his abilities. This unexpected turn of events left him feeling disheartened and questioning why he was even talking to the Rockets. It turned out that Houston reached out to him because of the red flag associated with his knee.

Hartenstein mentioned that the issue with the Nets arose after he had a physical evaluation with them before the draft. Following his selection by the Rockets, he returned to Germany to undergo further medical examinations, still puzzled about the knee problem that wasn’t actually there.

Isaiah Hartenstein’s draft experience highlights the impact of false injury labels on players’ careers, showcasing the challenges and uncertainties faced by prospects during the NBA Draft process.

Isaiah Hartenstein criticizes the Clippers for picking John Wall over him

The Clippers really needed a backup center all season. They lost a lot of games because they often played with smaller lineups. Now, it seems like they missed out on a big opportunity.

Isaiah Hartenstein, who used to play center for the Clippers, talked to Tomer Azarly from Clutchpoints. He said he wanted to come back to the Clippers this season. The surprising part is that Hartenstein was okay with getting paid less (MLE) to stay with the team, but the Clippers decided to sign John Wall instead of him.

Hartenstein mentioned, “Yeah, they offered John Wall the only thing they could offer me. I couldn’t afford such a big pay cut. I was actually thinking of coming back, but I couldn’t take that much less money. So they went with John Wall, and I have to accept that.”

Here’s a reader-friendly rephrasing of the paragraph about John Wall and Isaiah Hartenstein:

“Although John Wall’s contract of $13.2 million over two years is lower than Hartenstein’s $16 million over two years, Hartenstein would have accepted the deal if it was offered.

Hartenstein shared, ‘I was open to it, but now I’m happy where I am. The fans in New York are amazing, playing at Madison Square Garden is fantastic, and I feel like I’m contributing to our winning streak.’

Looking back, it’s surprising because the Clippers were interested in Hartenstein during the trade deadline. They had what they wanted initially but decided not to keep it. However, Hartenstein still appreciates the Clippers and their fans.

‘I really appreciate the Clippers fans,’ Hartenstein told Azarly. ‘I miss them a lot. They supported me well when I was there. I’m thankful to Steve Ballmer, Lawrence Frank, Tyronn Lue, and everyone who gave me a chance to be myself and play the game I love. I’ve shown what I can do with the Clippers, and now I’m adjusting to a different role that still contributes to winning.’

The Clippers have been searching for a reliable point guard for years, from Rajon Rondo to Russell Westbrook, but it hasn’t led to much success. Letting go of Isaiah Hartenstein was a costly mistake for the LA Clippers, and they felt its impact this season.

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