Anonymous NFC coach harshly criticizes Micah Parsons in Cowboys’ dire situation: “He is average”

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons is one of the most talented NFL players, with at least 13 sacks in each of his three NFL seasons. He ended all three of his seasons as one of the top three Defensive players of the year. 

Despite that, when it comes to his long-term contract negotiations with the Cowboys, there are still some people in the NFL who believe the LB is not worth it. Recently, an anonymous NFC coach also voiced a similar opinion. 

Anonymous NFC coach slams Micah Parsons’ Cowboys role

With NFL free agency on the full go, the discussions about Micah Parsons’ contract with the Cowboys are also at their peak. Amid this, Jori Epstein, a senior NFL reporter at Yahoo, revealed that there is one NFC coach who thinks Micah Parsons is an average player. 

Micah Parsons

He didn’t disclose the identity of the coach but mentioned that he is one of the NFC coaches who believes when the Cowboys need Micah Parsons he becomes average.  

“When the Cowboys are winning, Micah’s a Hall of Fame player, when the Cowboys need him most, he’s pretty average (…) Chris Jones takes off some plays but he makes them when they matter most. Micah isn’t 100% in all plays but he kind of makes them when they matter least,” the anonymous coach said about the LB.

It didn’t take long for these comments to go viral as many fans stepped forward to defend the LB. The Cowboys CB, Trevor Diggs also replied to these comments. He just used two words to show his irritation about this harsh remark about Parsons, “Pathetic coach.”

Even Micah Parsons’ teammates are aware of how good of a player he is. While these criticisms will continue, Parsons is expected to sign a new massive contract with the team soon.

What’s likely to be Micah Parsons’ next Cowboys contract look like?

Micah Parsons, who is a supporter of Taylor-Travis relationship, was entering the fourth and final year of his contract with the Cowboys but on Tuesday a fifth-year option was executed on his contract to ensure financial security. 

He will earn $21.32 million in 2025, but Parsons wouldn’t be backing off from getting a long-term deal. The LB and Cowboys are still in long-term contract negotiations as the team is reportedly planning to offer a deal to the LB which will make him one of the highest-paid defensive players in the NFL.

Micah Parsons
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Parsons’ impressive track record, including Pro Bowl selections and on-field performance, strengthens his negotiating position. Although the team’s playoff performance wasn’t exceptional, they played well in the regular season and Parsons recorded a career-high 14 sacks.

If the team’s claim about making Micah Parsons the highest-paid defensive player is true, they will be expected to offer a five-year extension worth $180 million to him. This way he would earn $36 million annually, the highest salary for a defensive player.

Both parties are actively working towards finalizing a deal that would be beneficial for both Micah Parsons and the Cowboys. Let’s see how long it takes for the LB and Cowboys to finalize a deal.

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