Jordan Mailata aims to end career at Eagles after $66 million contract extension agreed: “I am very grateful to the organization”

Jordan Mailata had a remarkable journey from Australia to Philadelphia. The former rugby player joined the NFL team, Philadelphia Eagles, in 2018 and since shown exceptional performance. 

Recently, Mailata talked about his future plans as he entered the final year of his contract with the Eagles, sharing what will be his final stop.

Jordan Mailata talks on Eagles contract extension

The Eagles recently offered Jordan Mailata a contract extension. He got a three-year deal worth $66 million. This deal will keep Mailata under contract through 2028. The OT talked about this contract extension, sharing that he wants the Eagles to be his final team.

Jordan Mailata

The OT explained that he always wanted to be a player who played for only one team in his career and the Jordan Mailata Eagles are the perfect team.

“It is an honor to be able to play at one club,” Mailata said. “I’ve always wanted to be a player that has played for one team and there are so few that get to do that. To be a part of history and be a part of the club and the culture that we are trying to continue to build is an honor. I am very grateful to the organization.”

There are many players in the NFL who make this claim of retiring with their current team, but the NFL world is unpredictable; trades happen. Jordan Mailata, who explained why Jason Kelce will retire also wants to continue with the Eagles and end his career with them.

The team also offered him an extension till 2028, which means Mailata might be able to fulfil his dream. Considering Jordan Mailata’s career stats with the Eagles, the team will be more than happy to keep him for a long time.

Jordan Mailata’s career stats with Eagles 

Jordan Mailata transitioned from a football novice to one of the best left tackles under the guidance of the Eagles’ offensive line coach, Jeff Stoutland.

Coming from rugby background, Mailata utilized his size, talent, and athleticism to excel in his position. In the 2020 season, he started 10 games and was graded as No. 43 of 79 offensive tackles by Pro Football Focus (PFF).

Jordan Mailata
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The OT signed a four-year, $64 million extension with over $40 million guaranteed before the 2021 season. He surpassed teammate Andre Dillard in training camp and became the full-time starting left tackle, ranking No. 3 of 83 by PFF.

Despite a shoulder injury in 2022, he ranked No. 9 of 81 offensive tackles and achieved a No. 3 ranking of 81 offensive tackles in 2023. Jordan Mailata also helped the Eagles reach Super Bowl LVII where they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 38-35.

Jordan Mailata’s exceptional career stats are one of the reasons why the Eagles offered him a lucrative contract extension. He is expected to play three more years with the team and show remarkable performance. 

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