Dalvin Cook trolled following ex-Vikings RB’s bold claim: “Ur trash dude”

A few months ago, Dalvin Cook was considered one of the top-rated RBs in the NFL. However, in the 2023 season, Cook’s stops with the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens have changed that opinion widely. 

Dalvin Cook, former Raiders player thinks he still holds that position but recently, fans gave him a brutal reality check.

Dalvin Cook still claims to be top rated RB in NFL

Dalvin Cook signed with the Jets last summer, but their player Breece Hall returned because of this, the RB got the backup role. After that, he signed to the Ravens practice squad. In both of his stints, Cook didn’t see much of the field. 

Dalvin Cook

However, Dalvin Cook believes he is still that player who rushed for 1,000 yards for the Vikings. He is confident that he will still be a productive offensive weapon for any team as he explores free agency.

“I’ve got it all,” Cook said. “The tools are still here. I didn’t really get any reps last year. So, the legs are fresh, so the resume speaks for itself. I’m still Dalvin Cook. I’m still that guy. For me, I don’t like to toot my own horn. I just like to go out there, put my helmet on and line up on the grass.”

Last season, the RB only started one of 15 games he played for the Jets as a backup. He only amassed 292 yards from scrimmage and zero touchdowns before parting ways with the Jets in January. 

Even with the Ravens, he carried the ball eight times for 23 yards in his lone playoff appearance. Considering these stats, not many teams will think that Dalvin Cook is still the best RB in the league and fans expressed the same opinion.

Fans brutally mock Dalvin Cook

Fans on social media didn’t hold back in expressing their opinions about Dalvin Cook’s claim of being the best RB in the NFL. They criticized the RB’s performance, questioned his abilities, and mocked his confidence. 

Several tweets dismissed his claim to being a top RB and others poked fun at his situation.

“Ur trash dude”

Some fans suggested that Cook may be suffering from some disease to think this highly of himself. 


Fans also emphasized that Dalvin Cook hasn’t been performing at his peak level for the past three years, challenging his claim to still being a top player.

“You ain’t been that guy for 3 years”

“He is not.”

“I love Dalvin, but you’re not the same guy since 2020”

“Numbers don’t lie, your done”

“Lmao no”

“He’s the only one thats confident about that”

“Top RB????…..Cook is cooked”

“Could always take the Le’Veon Bell route to make ends meet, Dalvin”

Despite Dalvin Cook’s confidence in his abilities, his recent performance and fan reactions indicate a stark contrast to his self-assessment. Only time will tell if Cook is still a top-rated RB based on his performance in the upcoming season.

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