Jason Kelce completed 5km run at charity event to raise money for children with autism

The NFL is incomplete without hearing or seeing something related to the Kelce brothers. While Travis Kelce has been in the limelight due to his high-profile relationship and third Super Bowl championship, Jason Kelce has been the talk of the town because of his intriguing antics to support his brother and his retirement plans.

Jason Kelce is once again in the headlines but this time he earned the title of “man of the people” for his philanthropic gesture at a charity event. 

Jason Kelce participates in charity event

A Facebook account shared pictures of Jason Kelce, according to which the Philadelphia Eagles center participated in a 5-kilometer run to collect money for charity. 

The pictures of Jason quickly went viral and he was appreciated for his support for Mike’s Seafood Run Walk for Autism, which raises money to benefit adults with autism and the families of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

There were four pictures of Jason, of which two show him crossing the finish line. In the caption, they wrote, 

“JASON KELCE WE LOVE YOU! Thanks for coming & supporting!”

Reportedly, Jason came with his wife, Kylie Kelce for the event. A member of the organization talked about Jason Kelce and expressed gratitude for his efforts and humble personality. 

“[Jason and Kylie Kelce] are just some of the nicest people you could meet in your life,” Monichetti. “They don’t want those special preference. They’ll stay in that line and take pictures, shake hands, sign autographs. They’re just down-to-earth, genuine people.”

While the sudden appearance of Kelce in New Jersey for the event might come as a shock, his participation in such events is nothing new. Jason Kelce is known for his community services and charity work for disabled children. 

Jason Kelce’s numerous philanthropic gestures

Jason Kelce has always been involved in such philanthropic gestures. He represented the charity for My Cause, My Cleats, and served as a celebrity bartender each summer at the Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City, N.J., to raise money for the charity.

Moreover, the Philadelphia Eagles center, who might retire soon also launched his own organization, the Eagles Autism Foundation, led by the Eagles and the team’s owner and CEO Jeffrey Lurie, to raise money for autism research and care in September 2019.

Jason Kelce
Via Philadelphia Inquirer

During these five years, he also got other family members involved in it, including his mom Donna Kelce, and his wife, Kylie. He always emphasized that he loved doing it for disabled children.

As much as the Kelce brothers are celebrated for their football prowess, their charity work is another big reason behind their popularity. Travis Kelce also recently donated a lucrative $100,000 for the victims of Super Bowl Parade Shooting

It just shows that the Kelce brothers are not just amazing players but also great human beings who are always there to contribute positively to society.

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