NFL community believes Jason Kelce ‘channeling Tom Brady’ to make shock U-turn on retirement decision

Jason Kelce, the center of the Eagles and brother of Travis Kelce, is expected to retire from the NFL. Kelce played 13 seasons in the NFL, and after his team’s recent wild-card loss to the Bucs, speculations arose about his retirement.

Renowned for his pivotal role in the Eagles’ offensive line, he stands not merely as a great center but as a cornerstone of the team’s locker room. However, the 36-year-old is expected to retire before the next season.

Jason Kelce contemplates retirement decision

Jason Kelce was expected to retire after the 2023 season. When the Eagles lost the wild card round game, it was considered the last game of Jason Kelce’s NFL career. However, the center has made some recent comments that suggest that he might be considering another season with the Eagles. 

Jason Kelce talked about his brother, Travis Kelce’s, recent success after the AFC Championship game. Travis, along with the Chiefs, is heading to the Super Bowl game and Jason Kelce shared that his brother’s entry into the coveted game has inspired him to play another season.

Jason has been attending the Chiefs games to support his brother and did some unusual antics to express his enthusiasm. Now that his brother is fighting for another ring, the center might also want to give one more try for the Super Bowl ring next season. 

In an interview, Jason also expressed a desire to remain involved with his team.

“I still want to be involved in the (Philadelphia Eagles) organization”.

He emphasized the uncertainty of his future, stating, “I don’t know what’s going to happen for me.”

Jason Kelce
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But the Eagles player is determined that the 2023 season, which he describes as “incredibly disappointing,” will not be his last with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Because I don’t want to ever feel like I’m on the outside looking in on these achievements, accolades, and opportunities that largely represent entire cities and fan bases and organizations. It’s too good a feeling to pass up,” Jason added.

The 36-year-old looks forward to the next year, expressing excitement about proving people wrong and going into battle with his teammates. 

Fans skeptical about Jason Kelce’s retirement

Fans drew parallels between Jason Kelce’s potential retirement and Tom Brady’s comeback after initially retiring following the 2021 season.

First, it was expected that Jason Kelce would retire after the 2023 season, just as Tom Brady announced in 2021 that he would retire from the league. But with the former QB’s announcement to come back for the 2022 season, fans believe Jason might also announce his comeback for the 2024 season. Tom Brady then played one more season with the team and then retired in 2023.

Fans commented about Jason Kelce’s retirement plan, “Is he channeling Tom Brady?”

Some fans advised Jason to take care of his body and not compromise his health to play in the NFL. 

The Eagles star is not a common center due to his smaller size compared to the average player in that position. Kelce’s athleticism is great, allowing him to quickly reach the second level while possessing functional strength to handle larger defensive linemen.

His playing style is incredible, and his techniques enable him to play larger than his physical size. The potential return of Jason Kelce for another season will be a significant deal for the Philadelphia Eagles, considering his leadership and impact on the team.

It won’t be impossible for the Eagles center to make a comeback. If Jason decides to make a U-turn about his retirement plans, the team and fans will welcome him wholeheartedly.

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