Giants’ $12 million decision regarding Saquon Barkley opens avenue for Cowboys

The future of Saquon Barkley with the New York Giants is once again uncertain. The NFL’s window for teams to use the franchise tag opened on Tuesday, which means if the Giants want to franchise tag him, they need to make a decision soon.

However, recent reports speculate the end of Saquon Barkley’s tenure with the Giants and a new landing spot for him.

Giants unlikely to franchise tag Saquon Barkley

In 2023, Saquon Barkley had negotiations about his contract and the team ended up signing a non-exclusive franchise tag for him. But now for 2024, the Giants are very unlikely to offer a $12 million franchise tag to Barkley. 

The GM of the team, Joe Schoen, recently talked about another pending free agent, Xavier McKinney and when he was asked about his franchise tag, he clearly stated that they are not planning to do so.

“It’s not something I want to use on a year-in and year-out basis, but it’s a tool at our disposal,” the GM stated.

It makes it evident that the team will not franchise tag pending free agents this year. The deadline for the Giants to tag Saquon Barkley a second time is 4 p.m. on March 5. 

But as the team is unlikely to franchise tag him, it means his tenure with the Giants will come to an end. The RB talked about his tenure with the Giants and claimed that he wants to play his entire career with the Giants. 

“I mean it never crossed my mind until last year after I got tagged,” Barkley said. “Up until that moment, I really believe that I was gonna finish my career as a New York Giant. You know, that was a goal of mine. And that’s still in play. I have so much respect for the Mara family and the Tisch family and everyone in the Giants organization.”

But he emphasized that, considering his recent contract situation, he could see the possibility of wearing the uniform of another team.

Cowboys tipped as favored Saquon Barkley landing spot

Now that Saquon Barkley is unlikely to get a franchise tag from the Giants, the Cowboy emerges as the potential landing spot for him.

Reportedly, the Cowboys are interested in signing the two-time Pro Bowler. Former league executive Mike Tannenbaum believes Barkley would fit well with the Cowboys, given their need for the running back position.

“When you’re looking at free agency, the first thing you do is say, ‘If we’re going to go outside our building, who can we get in the division to help us and hurt our opponent?’” he said. “And trust me, the last thing the New York Giants want to see, if Saquon Barkley graduates this year, is him with a star on the side of his helmet.”


Considering Barkley’s performance as compared to Tony Pollard, who was the Cowboys’ franchise-tagged back in 2023, Barkley’s past success and versatility make him an appealing option for the Cowboys.

Saquon Barkley, despite recent injuries, is still considered a valuable veteran option due to his age (27 years old) and past achievements, including a 1,300-yard campaign in 2022. His multifaceted skill set makes him an attractive prospect for teams in need of a running back, like the Cowboys.

The Cowboys have until the franchise tag deadline on March 5 to decide on Barkley. Negotiations with free agents, including Barkley, can begin on March 11, with signings allowed from March 13 onward.

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