‘Wherever you are, we love you’ Spain’s coach Luis Enrique leaves heart-wrenching message to his late daughter on her birthday

Spain started their World Cup campaign with a bang, and they are looking stronger than ever. The head coach, Luis Enrique, seems to have struck the perfect balance in their team strategy. Spain defeated Costa Rica in a high scoring match of 7-0, but their biggest challenge in the group stage was definitely Germany.

Before their match against Germany today, the Spanish coach honored his late daughter. The fact that she died at the young age of only nine breaks everyone’s heart. Furthermore, his late daughter Xana Enrique’s birthday fell on the same day as their match against Germany.

Taking to Instagram, Enrique said: “Today is a special day. Not only because we play Germany, but also because my daughter Xana would be turning 13 years old. My love, wherever you are, we love you.”

If Xana was among us, she would have turned 13 today. She unfortunately passed away in 2019 after a five-month fight with osteosarcoma, an extremely rare bone cancer. Because of the tragic death of his daughter, Luis stepped down as Barcelona’s head coach. During that time, he was devastated and could not focus on the game of football.

If football players are the brawn, coaches are the brains. Coaching a team requires more mental than physical strength. The Xs and Os from the coaches can make or break any team in the world, regardless of how many superstars are on the team. It is commendable that, despite a huge tragedy in his life, Luis Enrique decided to return as the Barcelona coach after a while.

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