NFL Trade Rumors: Dolphins are trying ‘very hard’ with multiple offer to sign WR Odell Beckham Jr

Having spent the 2023 season with the Baltimore Ravens, WR Odell Beckham Jr is currently facing the grim reality of NFL free agency

Despite facing a decline in his performance last season, multiple teams have shown interest in the WR, with the Dolphins reportedly sending multiple offers.

Dolphins allegedly spend multiple offer to Odell Beckham Jr

Since the day Odell Beckham Jr became a free agent, he has been linked with the Dolphins. The WR hasn’t shown much interest, but the Dolphins have been persistent in trying to sign him.

Earlier, it was reported that the team hosted him on a visit and also extended an offer. However, recently, it was revealed that the Dolphins didn’t only send one but multiple offers for Odell Beckham Jr, who is allegedly dating Kim Kardashian.

“The Miami Dolphins are trying pretty hard to sign Odell Beckham,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said. “They’ve made him, I’m told, at least one contract offer, possibly two. They’ve been in contact with him and his representatives. They’re not quite there yet.”

Despite sending multiple offers, things have yet to work out. Jeremy explained that there are no financial problems in the deal but the WR is trying to make the right decision. 

“There has not been that financial gulf bridged. I’m told Beckham is willing to wait if he has to just a little bit, he’s done this in the past, certainly wants to go to the right fit. But there is interest mutually in Miami.”

However, neither Odell Beckham Jr nor the Dolphins confirmed any deal yet. Despite that, the WR is already getting frustrated with the interest in his new contract. 

Odell Beckham Jr addresses Dolphins-Bills fan dispute about his landing spot

There has been an ongoing discussion between the fans about whether Odell Beckham Jr will sign with the Dolphins or the Bills. The Bills have also been mentioned as a possible destination for the wide receiver, in addition to the Dolphins offering the WR multiple opportunities.

The conversation was stirred once again after Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill posted a story with the caption, “OBJ to Miami confirmed.” Amid the intense fans clash over Odell Beckham Jr’s landing spot, the wide receiver also reacted. He must be tired of all these conversations as he tweeted, 

“Lol I’m Confused today did I sign somewhere ? Errbody keep hittin me,” he wrote.

Odell Beckham Jr

The tweet also confirmed that till now OBJ has not signed a deal with any team which means Hill’s story was probably merely a joke. However, the question that still looms is what the final destination of the WR will be. 

Which team do you think OBJ will finally sign with? Let us know in the comments.

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