LeBron James draws Lakers-Steelers parallel after blowout loss to Magic: “Not outgained or outscored any opponents”

The LA Lakers are the team with the biggest fan base in the NBA. They have won the championship 17 times thanks to NBA greats like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant and many more superstars who have donned the purple and gold.

LeBron James is currently the face of the Lakers, if not the entire league. He carries a significant amount of responsibility because the entire Lakers team looks up to him and expects him to make the big plays. While LeBron has been performing well, the same cannot be said for the entire Lakers team. LeBron compared the Lakers’ situation to that of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

LeBron finds common ground between Lakers and Steelers

LeBron James compared the Lakers’ early season struggle to that of the NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, following the Lakers defeat in the game against the Orlando Magic. “We’re like the Pittsburgh Steelers right now. You know what that means? The Pittsburgh Steelers right now have not outgained or outscored any of their opponents in this season right now and yet they’ve got a winning record,” LeBron said.

Via Los Angeles Times

He went on to jest that he is like a lucky charm for the Steelers because apparently, every time he picks against them, they win. The Steelers, in the ongoing season, have faced challenges in putting up early scores on the board but have managed successful late comebacks in games to secure victories and maintain a winning record. Similarly, the Lakers have struggled with their offense and were outscored in every quarter except the fourth in their loss against Orlando.

Despite their struggles, the Steelers continue to discover ways to win, and their current record stands at 5-3. They recently defeated the Tennessee Titans 20-16, though it’s clear they still need to improve their offense. The Lakers have also achieved some significant victories in the ongoing season but have various areas to work on. The role players would have to step up and help reduce the workload on LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Lakers fans express fury following loss to Magic

Despite LeBron scoring 24 points and Anthony Davis scoring 28 points, the Lakers lost in their matchup against the Orlando Magic. Lakers fans have been furious following the loss and have expressed their anger towards the team on social media.

One fan unleashed his fury against the Lakers on X by writing, “Embarrassing, disgraceful. Play with some actual ambition and show some heart”

Another fan wrote,” you guys stay embarrassing us.”

All players on the Lakers roster have great work ethic and are trying their best for their team to win games. However the new players need to adjust to the team’s playing style which might take some time.

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