“LeBron James never had one surgery”: King James’ remarkable durability stuns his notorious critic Skip Bayless after unique achievement

LeBron James, “The Akron Hammer” displays consistently delivers nearly flawless performances on the court but faces significant criticism from his haters. The reason behind this is that many people dispute LeBron’s claim to be the Greatest of All Time (GOAT), leading to strong reactions.

Despite being in the league for an extended period, LeBron remains a dominant force on the court, showcasing better physical condition than several younger NBA players. One of LeBron’s biggest haters seems to be the sports journalist Skip Bayless. However even Bayless praised LeBron on his latest achievement.

Skip Bayless hails LeBron James’ milestone

LeBron James achieved a unique milestone during the Jazz vs. Lakers game on Tuesday. He became the only NBA player in history to score 39,000 points. It’s now a difficult record for the remaining rising stars to break.

However, LeBron doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. For any active NBA player, breaking James’ record appears to be an extremely difficult task. Recognizing that fact might have been even more difficult for Skip Bayless. However, Bayless can recognize greatness when he sees it.

Known for his criticism of the King, Bayless has shocked many this season with his deceptive admiration of Lakers #23. The renowned sports journalist, who is well-known for being the “Chosen One’s” harshest critic, “unquestionably” gives James’ most recent record high marks.

The 71-year-old is in awe of LeBron’s “longevity” and “durability. Taking up the case on Undisputed, he says, “This is so amazing. The pure longevity of avoiding career setback injury. I’ve never seen anybody this durable.”

It’s unusual to see Bayless ignore polite conversation and instead practically just give Bron compliments all over the place. He has recognized the four-time champion’s abilities when he felt they were necessary. However, Skip claims that the 39k milestone has “eclipsed” all other achievements.

For Bayless to skip the usual pleasantries when it comes to Bron and practically just shower him with compliments left and right, is an unusual sight. Still, it is true that he has acknowledged the 4x champion’s talents when he believes it requires them. The main aspect of LeBron’s latest achievement is the case in point, highlighting the lack of “a career-threatening setback injury.

LeBron James brutal message after scoring 39K points

After breaking a record and becoming the first player in NBA history to score 39,000 points, LeBron James sent a strong message to his detractors. Paul Rivera responded to skeptics by congratulating LeBron on Instagram and highlighting the irony of people with no career points trying to discredit the accomplishments of the player with the most points.

“A lot of people with 0 career points trying to tell ya’ll where the guy with the most career points ranks,” said Rivera. LeBron, who is renowned for his tenacity and determination, reshared Rivera’s message on his personal Instagram story. The understated but effective move demonstrated LeBron’s resolve and self-assurance in the face of opposition.

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